Bepanah Pyaar 1st July 2019 Written Update: Pragati learns about Bani’s pregnancy!

Today’s episode opens with Raghbir sleeping and alarm wakes him up. He recalls the flashback and asks Bani to get ready, as they have to leave. Bani says let her sleep for a while. Raghbir insists her to wake up. Raghbir asks to show him his gift. Bani say she has kept it in a bag. The same bag Pragati opens. She sees Bani’s clothes in it. Pragati searches and finds a wrapped gift inside.

Raghbir drinks and again thinks of the flashback. Bani in the flashback say she does not like that they are leaving on the Pooja day. Raghbir says they will attend Pooja after returning back. Raghbir comes out from the flashback and says Bani lets go we are getting late. He talks to himself and drinks.

Pragati opens the gift. She unwraps and finds a doll in it. A message was tagged on the doll stating see you soon papa. Pragati gets emotional and says Bani was pregnant. She concludes Raghbir never knows Bani was pregnant. She thinks of the flashback. Pragati again checks the whole bag to find out some other clue. She gets nothing and self-talks to herself.

Shalu and Gopi check the arrangement. Raghbir ask for what arrangement is going on. Aditi says they told her today is Priya’s engagement. Raghbir says but today is Bani’s death anniversary and shouts at them for ignoring Bani. He was about to fall but Harshit holds him. He gets irked seeing the arrangements and says why don’t they put one flower on Bani’s photo. Harshit tries to make him understand. Raghbir apologizes and leaves the place.

Pragati ask about Raghbir from Harshit. Harshit asks Pragati to keep an eye on Raghbir as its Priya’s engagement today. She searches for Raghbir. Otherside, Raghbir recalls his flashback. Bulleya song plays in the background. Raghbir takes out wire and puts the current in the bath tub. He gestures to step inside the bath tub.

Priya gets ready for her engagement. Shefali and her cousin hug Priya. Priya gets upset. Pragati sees smoke coming out from the washroom. She asks Raghbir to open the door. Raghbir opens the door. Pragati says she was searching for him. Pragati thinks whether she should tell him the truth or not.

Raghbir says she should take care of Priya and his family, as he has to leave. Pragati gets confused. She asks question from Raghbir. Raghbir says she should just do what he is asking. He gets angry on Pragati. Raghbir praises Pragati and asks her to leave. He closes the door. Gopi, Shalu and everyone welcomes groom’s family. Pragati recalls what Raghbir says. She calls Harshit but her voices doesn’t reaches him.

Pragati runs to save Raghbir. Raghbir recalls his moments with Bani. Raghbir throws Bani’s photo in the electric tub and says he too is coming to her. Pragati asks Raghbir to open the door. She gets restless. Ragbhir dreams of meeting Bani and smiles. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Priya’s engement is done. Dev’s family asks for Raghbir. Harshit says Pragati will bring him. Pragati sees unknown shadow passing by her.