Bepanah Pyaar 1st November 2019 Written Update: Ragbir breaks all ties with Pragati and performs her last rites

The episode starts with Ragbir throwing water on Pragati’s funeral pyre and acts mad when all of a sudden Pragati stops him by holding his hand. Everyone gets shocked seeing her alive. Kunti asks about the death invitation and antim sanskar. Pragati says that it’s because she wanted to die. She recalls about to jump from cliff when she suddenly sees a mad woman crying. She’s actually a thief disguised as mad woman and gets all of Pragati’s belongings including her saree. Suddenly two people tries attacking her and she falls down from the cliff and dies. They discuss about her family and Pragati hears it. She doesn’t want to give the same pain to her family and changes her decision.

Kunti asks does that mean she has did all this drama and Pragati agrees. Kunti blames her for keep playing with Ragbir’s feelings while Pragati stands unmoved. She says that even they didn’t consider her pleas and threw her out of the house without any mercy. Ragbir despises her and asks her not to return back and leaves from there. Pragati stops him saying that they can’t get rid off her just like that and says that she holds 51% share on the company and have all the rights to be there. Ragbir says that she doesn’t even deserve his anger. He says that from today he don’t care whether she’s alive or dead. He does her antim sanskar breaking all relations with her. He promises to not give another chance to her even if she dies. He says that her antim sanskar is done and says that from today whether she’s Bani or Pragati doesn’t matter to him. He applies Ash tikka on her mang. Pragati tries stopping him but he leaves with his family while Pragati falls crying. ¬†Pragati determines that for the next seven births the sindoor on her Maang always belongs to him and to claim it she will definitely come back.

Ragbir is about enter the car when Kunti shows him Pragati. A car stops near her and someone comes out of it. He holds her by shoulders and takes her in car and leaves. Kunti provokes Ragbir against Pragati and blames her for changing love in seconds. Ragbir determines to not let her back in his life.

Ragbir enters furiously and chachi asks why did he not inform them about her being Bani but he just leaves furiously. Aditi badmouths Pragati and the whole family agrees with her. Ragbir is lost in Pragati’s thoughts.

Precap : Pragati expresses her worry about Ragbir to Sahas