Bepanah Pyaar 1st October 2019 Written Update: Pragati and Ragbir spend the night together in an abandoned house

The episode starts with Pragati and Ragbir searching for a place to stay. They see am abandoned house and Ragbir decides to stay there. Pragati says against it as it may lead to some problems. Ragbir asks her to leave if she wants and celebrate the party with the ghosts. Pragati sees him using the abandoned things but Ragbir taunts her. He makes fun of her and gives a cloth to wrap up herself. Pragati hesitates but then leaves. Ragbir sees wood and starts lighting it. He sees Pragati changing dress. She comes out and Ragbir says that today he wants to say something ti her. He asks her to promise to not diet no matter what the situation is. He mocks her for being so thin and makes fun of it. Pragati gets irked while Ragbir asks her to sit. They experience sexual tension while Pragati sneezes. He finds a brandy bottle and asks her to have it for cold. Pragati denies having it while Ragbir haves it. He drinks and praises the after feeling while Pragati keeps sneezing again. Finally having no other way she drinks the brandy. She has another sip while Ragbir cheers for her.

Ragbir and Pragati decides to play Antakshari. They drink while playing and it continues. Pragati sees lag jaa na lage in the end and gets carried away. Ragbir asks for her hand and she gives. They both gets intimate and dances sensually.

Ragbir gets intimate with each other. Ragbir makes her lie down and is about to kiss her but gets reminded of Bani and moves away. He decides to not touch her without forgetting Bani. Next morning Ragbir wakes uo first and looks at Pragati. Pragati too wakes up and gets shocked Ragbir so close to her. She asks the reason for it while Ragbir teases her that the night was beautiful.

Precap : Ragbir gets ready kn his room and admires Pragati.