Bepanah Pyaar 20th August 2019 Written Update: Raghbir catches Pragati with the evidences

Episode starts with Pragati asking Raghbir to drink. Raghbir doubts Pragati and says something is fishy that she is asking him to drink because always she stops him from drinking.

Raghbir says he is on duty and he will not drink. Pragati thinks Prashant and her father might be waiting for her.

Pragati says she is having headache and needs a coffee. Raghbir says he will make coffee for her.

Sushma finds for the evidence at Pragati’s room. Raghbir brings coffee for Pragati and search for her.

Sushma finds the evidence bag and takes it. Pragati asks question from Sushma and later thanks her for finding the bag. Pragati sees the evidences and says she did good job by collecting the clue, as they all contains Raghbir’s fingerprints.

Pragati turns to go and sees Raghbir standing. Pragati tries to hide the bag. Raghbir ask her what she is hiding and comes closer to her. He says if she doesn’t tell than he won’t come to know. Pragati worries seeing Raghbir.

Raghbir says if he wouldn’t have come on right time than he wouldn’t have come to know. He says cockroach and she is about to step on her. Pragati throws the cockroach. Pragati get tensed for the bag.

Raghhbir asks why she came back to her room. Pragati makes an excuse. She asks him to give the coffee. Raghbir gives coffee to her. Pragati says her tongue burned. She throws the bag down.

Raghbir gives water to Pragati to drink. The duo does nok-jhok.

Prashant and Pragati’s father waits for Pragati. Prashant says he will go inside. Pragati’s father says not to go inside. The duo does arugument to decide who will go inside. Prashant goes inside.

Malhotra’s house helper gives the instruction to keep the stuffs at the kitchen. Prashant disguise as servant and goes to find Pragati.

Raghbir asks Pragati why she always brings kunti in between. Pragati makes more excuse in front of Raghbir to escape with the bag. Raghbir talks with Pragati.

Pragati sees Prashant and shout. Raghbir says to Pragati that they will stay at her room only.

Pragati thinks if Raghbir will stay here than how Prashant will take the bag.

Pragati sees Prashant and instructs him to take the bag. Raghbir ask what she is doing. He asks Pragati to drink coffee.

Pragti drags Raghbir towards herself. The duo shares an eyelock and recalls their moments (Naino song plays in the background). Meanwhile, Prashant enters the room and hides

Pragati takes Raghbir out from the room making an excuse. Prashant takes the bag.

Raghbir and Pragati talks with each while walking on the corridor. Pragati again makes an excuse to search for the handkerchief, which is the strong evidence.

Sushma informs the mask person about the handkerchief. She says she will burn it soon.

Pragati thinks Prashant might have taken the handkerchief with him. She says if Raghbir is adamant that he will tell lie only than she promises that she will make him to confess the truth. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir sees to Pragati and says that she remind him of someone. He says he only loved Bani and shared room only with her. Pragati thinks and says to herself what if she tells him that she is Bani. She questions and says do Raghbir will hug her or kill her?