Bepanah Pyaar 20th January 2020 Written Update: SAHAS FAILED ATTEMPT TO SEPARATE RAGBIR AND PRAGATI

The episode starts with Pragati fuming at her failed attempt. Sahas comes there to comfort her. Pragati says that she’s sure Harshit has did something for it. Sahas gives ideas of various plan to lift her mood and Pragati appreciates it. They both leave and Ragbir sees it. They both comes to temple to pray. Ragbir follows them. Pandit treats them as couple and blesses them. Ragbir sees them together.

Pragati skids while stepping down and Sahas holds her for balance. Ragbir sees it and fumes. They see someone walking on coal. Baba says that if someone walks on this coal then their wish will be fulfilled. Sahas recalls Pragati’s condition. Pragati calls it rubbish and asks him to come. Pragati leaves and sees Sahas trying to walk on coal. He says that he wants something and Pragati asks what. Sahas says her but then modifies it to her career. Pragati drags him out despite his protests. She scolds him for taking such a brutal steps and asks him not to do so ever again. Ragbir sees it. He says that which friend behaves this way for another friend.

Pragati and Ragbir meet in lift but Ragbir shows cold shoulders to her. Pragati asks what happened and Ragbir says that he saw whatever happened in the temple. Pragati accuses him of spying her and he agrees that he did. He says that she’s blind to not see Sahas intentions for her. Pragati argues that Sahas has only friendly feelings for her but Ragbir denies. They both argue and Pragati says that Sahas knew well that she has only him in her heart. Ragbir denies believing it and the power gets cut off in lift. They both patch up and makes a deal to keep their relation a secret and never hide anything from each other.

Pragati thinks about Harshit while Ragbir thinks about Sahas. Priya comes on a date with her ex fiancee who brings her favorite flowers and treats her well. Priya gets impressed. She gets Dev’s call but cuts it saying that she’s busy with a fiend. Dev understand that she’s angry and decides to patch up the same day. Ragbir treats Pragati with her favourite food. They were about to have the food when Sahas calls her for lunch. Pragati puts the call on mute and asks Ragbir not to misunderstand.

Ragbir asks her not to worry and choose whatever she wants. He promises to not misunderstand her. Pragati says that there’s nothing to choose as there’s never second option for her besides him.

Sahas fumes that Pragati chose Ragbir over her and decides to spoil her moment with Ragbir. He calls Pragati and cooks up an emotional story. Pragati is about to give in but Ragbir asks her not to. After thinking a lot Pragati apologizes Sahas that she can’t come. She cuts the call and enjoys the food with Ragbir leaving Sahas fuming.