Bepanah Pyaar 21st August 2019 Written Update: Raghbir gets nervous seeing Pragati in his room!

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir praising alcohol. Pragati comes. Raghbir says she came at the right time, as he has set everything and shows her alcohol bottle.

Pragati goes to change the dress. Raghbir recalls Kunti’s words and says Pragati will sleep in his room. Pragati comes in a night dress and Raghbir gets mesmerized (Naino se Naina song plays in the background). Pragati asks Raghbir what happened.

Raghbir says to Pragati that she reminds him of someone. Pragati says he recalled one or so many. Raghbir says that he thought she is different but she is alike one. He says he only loved Bani and didn’t love any girl apart from her. He ask Pragati to go and sleep.

Raghbir drinks. Pragati says he can sleep on the bed. Raghbir asks Pragati to sleep on the bed. Raghbir recalls Pragati’s words. Pragati struggles to sleep.

Raghbir asks Pragati why she is not sleeping. Pragati asks Raghbir what happened.

Raghbir tells to Pragati that in his life he only loved Bani and shared his room only with her. He says she can’t understand his because she is not Bani. Pragati hears to him and thinks what if she tells Raghbir that she is Bani. What he will do, hug her or will kill her?

Raghbir talks with the alcohol and says he feels good with it. Pragati comes and takes an alcohol bottle. She gives him milk to drink. Raghbir says he never drink milk at childhood too. The duo fights. The alcohol bottle gets a break.

Raghbir stands stunned and gets emotional. Pragati says his last alcohol bottle got broken and gives him milk to drink, else she will complain Kunti.

Raghbir drinks the milk making faces. Pragati signals him to finish all and smiles.

Raghbir looks at Pragati (Maahi Ve song plays in the background). Pragati falls asleep on Raghbir’s chest. She wakes up and thinks something. Pragati wakes up Raghbir too. She tells to him that Kunti will see them in the garden and will get angry. The duo runs towards the room.

Raghbir and Pragati sleep together under a same blanket. Kunti comes and calls out for Raghbir.

Kunti gets happy seeing Raghbir and Pragati together. She asks them to get together for the Raksha Bandhan.

Dev comes and asks Pragati to let him meet Priya once. He pleads Pragati. Pragati says Priya don’t like him. Dev ask her to help him. Pragati says no she can’t help him and goes.

Aditi takes Shefali’s mobile and ask her to help her in household work. Bebe says each one will work together. Pragati says she will handle everything. Raghbir says wait he will call servant. He calls and gets shocked. Bebe asked what happened. Raghbir says no one is available because of Raksha Bandhan.

Bebe ask Raghbir not to take tension, as they will work together. Raghbir says good idea and gets ready to work.

Aditi ask Gopi to work too. Its boys vs girls. Raghbir says all the women’s of the house will take care of kitchen and boys will do dusting. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Prashant ask Pragati to come and meet him, as he wants to discuss something important about the evidences. Pragati hides from the family and goes out.