Bepanah Pyaar 21st January 2020 Written Update: SAHAS EMOTIONALLY TRAPS PRAGATI

The episode starts with Sahas hurting himself badly for Pragati. He finds his room filled with Pragati pictures. He speaks mad in front of Bani and Pragati. He says that she didn’t do right by not choosing him. He says that he will do anything for her and none can stop him.

Priya’s ex fiancee thanks her for giving him another opportunity to explain himself. Priya asks him to drop there but he offers to drop her home. She says that she’s engaged now and whatever happened between them is in past. He asks her to think twice before taking a decision.

Priya leaves confused. She enters the house to find Dev with her family. They say that they have finalized marriage dates and they all feed sweets. She gets her ex fiancee message and Dev signals her what. She just nods no.

Kunti is waiting for Ragbir to pick the call and is worried if he’s with Pragati. She sees Sahas and asks him to come in. She asks Where’s Pragati. She says that he was supposed to have lunch with Pragati and asks what happened. Sahas gets angry and hold Kunti neck.

Harshit fumes and both Sahas and Harshit fights. She asks them to behave else they will be exposed. She sends him out and turns to Harshit. She says that he’s mad but not him. She asks him to act wisely. Kunti hears car’s sound to find Ragbir and Pragati coming together. She fumes and decides to plan something.

Seeing Kunti they both act separate. Kunti asks if they had any meeting that they both are coming together in the same vehicle. Ragbir agrees and uses the same excuse. She wonders if there’s something cooking between. She thinks to do something before it’s roo late.

Pragati searches for Sahas and finds him wounded. She enquires about it but Sahas taunts her for not caring about his friend and spending time with Ragbir. Pragati tries saying something but Sahas says that it’s not the first time but it’s the same from college.

Pragati says that both their relations are too different and she cares for both but Ragbir is life. Sahas sends her out and Pragati gets upset.

Pragati feels bad for hurting Sahas. Ragbir keeps hand on her shoulder but she thinks it’s Sahas. Ragbir gets angry but Pragati explains what happened. He asks why’s she blaming herself for his mistake. He’s a grown up and a doctor too. He says that he knows well to take care of himself. Pragati tries reasoning but he leaves fuming.

Sahas waits for Pragati to ask sorry as per his plan. As expected Pragati comes there to apologize. She says that he’s her friend and will always be. He thinks that he don’t want her sorry but i love you. Sahas acts depressed and Pragati feels guilty. She removes his shirt and changes with new shirt. Ragbir sees it and fumes. Sahas smirks at his plan.