Bepanah Pyaar 22nd August 2019 Written Update: Pragati goes to meet Prashant!

Episode starts with Raghbir instructing boys of the house to finish the work in 60min. He asks How is the Josh. Everyone says High Sir.

Devraj and Gopi do dusting. Gopi thinks of a plan to esacpe. Devraj stops him and ask him to clean.

Harshit and Nakul cleans too does the dusting. Pragati asks Harshit about Raghbir. Harshit says Raghbir is cleaning his mini bar. Nakul, Harshit, Gopi, Pragati and Devraj all runs to check Raghbir.

Raghir cleans his glasses. Pragati goes away.

Raghbir takes out his alcohol and drinks. Aditi and Shalu says they ordered the food and now going for the spa. Shefali says they can’t cheat boy, as they are doing their work.

Pragati says now what they will do. Priya says she will make cake for their brothers. Shefali and Priya go to make the cake.

Pragati says she will help. Priya says it’s Raksha Bandhan and she wants to make for her brothers.

Pragati sees Priya and says she is happy after so many days. Priya and Shefali get happy seeing the cake.

Pragati and Raghbir do an argument at the kitchen and Priya’s cake fall down and gets broken.

Priya comes to the kitchen, sees the broken cake, and cries. Priya ask who broke her cake. Raghbir and Pragati blame each other. Harshit too come and ask who broke the cake.

Priya cries and go away. Pragati, Harshit and Nakul try to calm Priya and ask her to open the door. Pragati says they will fix the cake.

Priya opens the door. Pragati comes in and apologies Priya for breaking the cake. She asks Priya to come with her to fix the cake. They come to the kitchen and see the cake beautifully decorated. Pragati sees Dev in the kitchen.

They think who fixed the cake. Pragati lies to Raghbir that Priya fixed the cake. Dev comes in front of them.

Devraj calls Pragati. Pragati and Nakul take Dev to the room. Priya ask Dev who asked him to fix the cake. Dev tells her how he fixed the cake. Priya says she is not interested in him.

Pragati suggests Priya to tie Rakhi to Dev. Dev says he can’t do that. Priya says she will not tie Rakhi. Gopi calls out for Priya.

Pragati ask Dev to jump down from the window if he wants to save himself from Raghbir and Gopi.

Aditi praises the house decoration. Harshit says Raghbir does it all. Priya and Shefali come and ask to start the Raksha Bandhan function. Malhotra’s celebrate the Raksha Bandhan. Pragati sees them from the far.

Shefali and Priya ask gift from Raghbir. Raghbir teases them and gives them the gift.

Shefali and Priya open the box and sees their favorite chocolates. The duo gets emotional. They recall their childhood moments. Pragati comes with the cake.

Prashant calls Pragati and ask her to meet him, as he wants to discuss something about the evidence. Pragati sees family is busy with themselves and she can go.

Precap: Priya sees Dev and ask him not to come close to her. She calls out for the help. Raghbir breaks the door and sees Dev and Priya togtehrs. Otherside, Pragati and Prashant gives Raghbir’s fingerprint to match with the evidences.