Bepanah Pyaar 22nd January 2020 Written Update: Raghbir and Pragati want to spend time together but are continuously interrupted

The episode starts with Raghbir asking Sahas if he thinks that he will keep doing drama and he will let him do that. Sahas asks what he will do. Raghbir hits Sahas. Pragati asks him to stop as Sahas is really injured. Raghbir says he will get injured now. Raghbir and Sahas start fighting badly. Kunti comes and thinks Sahas ruined her plan. Harshit comes too and thinks Sahas will clean his path. Whole the family comes and Kunti walks to Raghbir taking him away.

Pragati asks Sahas why he behaved like this knowing that Raghbir cannot control his anger. She says that he could have simply told Raghbir that what he saw wasn’t true. Sahas is about to say something but then thinks that he has to remain in Pragati’s good books so doesn’t bash Raghbir as he wanted. He says that she is right, he should have thought about it before and asks Pragati and to go to Raghbir.

The family asks Raghbir why she got into the fight. Kunti blames Pragati. The latter comes and asks Raghbir how she got hurt on chest. Sahas comes and apologizes. Raghbir understands he is doing everything just to be good in front of Pragati.

Later Pragati comes in the room and asks Raghbir why he hasn’t slept off yet. Raghbir asks Pragati if her best friend has fallen asleep. Pragati asks her not to behave like this as Sahas is just her friend and needs him because he hasn’t his parents with her so he should think from his point of view too. Raghbir asks her to think from his point of view too and tells her that he felt really bad seeing her close to Sahas. Pragati asks him not to bring a third person between them as they had decided and repeats that she loves only him and changing a shirt doesn’t mean she has feelings for someone. Raghbir agrees to give up his anger and asks her to sit on bed then. He gives her water with medicine after making her sit on bed and then makes her lie down covering her with blanket. He takes care of her. DhoondeAkkhiyan plays. He sleeps next to her.

The next morning Pragati wakes up and sees Raghbir sleeping next to her. She is about to kiss Raghbir on his forehead when Kunti comes and Pragati wakes Raghbir up telling him that BadiMaa is coming. Raghbir hides under the blanket. Pragati says she should hide not him. Raghbir says that they have to do something or else their idea of spending time together will fail. They try finding a place for Pragati to hide and finally she hides in a closet. Kunti comes inside and Raghbir says that she could have sent a servant but Kunti replies that today it’s the day they have breakfast together. Pragati thinks that she had to have breakfast with Raghbir today. Just then she sees her slippers near the bed and messages Raghbir about them. He understands and throws chai on Kunti to distract her. She stands up and Raghbir hides Pragati’s slippers. Raghbir asks Kunti to have breakfast with everybody else as a family. They leave the room. Pragati comes out of the wardrobe and goes out of the room. Sahas sees her and wonders what she was doing in Raghbir’s room so early in the morning.

After a while Raghbir comes in the kitchen and sees Pragati working in kitchen. He thinks he will not lose this opportunity to spend time with her. He goes inside and asks Aditi to leave as he will cook today. Aditi agrees and leaves. Pragati asks Raghbir if he is sure that he can cook. Raghbir reminds her how he cooked everything when investors came.  Pragati glares at him and he corrects himself saying that he helped her. Pragati asks her to cut vegetables.

Harshit and Kunti look at him and Kunti wonders what happened to Raghbir who is walking around Pragati only. Harshit says that he will handle it.

Raghbir makes a smiley with salad and Pragati asks him to cook seriously. He says that he will cook later and now they should spend time together. Just then Harshit comes and asks Raghbir to take him to hospital since he is feeling pain in chest. Raghbir accepts and leaves with Harshit.

Kunti smirks and thinks she will not let Raghbir and Pragati spend time together alone and get closer.

Episode ends

Precap: Raghbir sees Pragati and Sahas hugging in darkness. Kunti smirks and switches on the lights. Pragati and Sahas break the hug.