Bepanah Pyaar 22nd October 2019 Written Update: Harshit proves Ragbir unfit for the post of CEO

The episode starts with Pragati tries denying the mobile gift but Sahas fails taking it back. She comments on his shirt and they both have a light-hearted moment. Ragbir is drinking heavily and a girl sees her. She says hello and asks which girl has broken such a handsome guy’s heart. She gets intimate with him and Harshit takes their picture. He pushes her away and the girl acts victims and cries fake for eve-teasing her. Few boys come to her support and is about to thrash Ragbir but he deals with them easily. He leaves and Harshit records everything. Harshit says that along with being a drunkard he became characterless too thus spoiling his reputation. The girl gets her money from Harshit.

Pragati sees Sahas album and smiles for being her classmate. She recalls their meeting and says that how could he reveal that she’s none other than her friend Bani. She says neither she’s Pragati now nor Bani. Ragbir comes for the board meeting and Ragbir’s video is played in the projector. Harshit comes there pretending innocence.

Ragbir taunts Mr. Jha for stalking him for videos. Jha says that it’s him who has changed and they’ve already taken the decision to change the headlong back. Ragbir makes Harshit seated on his post and says that from today the company will be managed by him. He says that they both are equally important for the company. He leaves with other members and Harshit enjoys his victory.

Tina expresses her worry about Ragbir and wonders if they overdid it. Aditi says that before too Ragbir drank for Bani but then left it and now also he’s drinking for Pragati but will leave it too. She says that she’s happier that he shouted on Kunti. She explains how Kunti always kept her away from Ragbir. She says about her manipulative nature who very well knows that the house will be driven by the one whom Ragbir supports. She says she tried a lot to go near Ragbir but she always kept her away. Tina says it means Badi maa is the real villain of this house and Aditi agrees.

Badi maa is furious that Ragbir who was a doll in her hands all of a sudden changed in a day. She breaks things and says that she’s that monkey who blindly followed her orders. Now the same monkey has shouted on her looking at her eyes. She extremely furious and Harshit stops her. He informs her about Ragbir making him the CEO and expresses her happiness. She says that she’ll be only happy if she gets back that monkey in her hands. He says that he has a way for it to happen too. He sends Ragbir’s bar video to Pragati and they both rejoice.

Sahas hears some noise and thinks it to be a thief. He covers Pragati with a blanket thinking her to be a thief while Pragati scolds him.

Precap: Pragati keeps karwachauth fast for Ragbir and Badi maa mixes something in Ragbir’s drink and Ragbir drinks it.