Bepanah Pyaar 23rd August 2019 Written Update: Pragati and Prashant plans to expose Raghbir

Today’s episode starts with Pragati goes out hiding from Malhotras’. She bumps into Sushma. Pragati tells Sushma she is going to for important work, as she got some important clue against culprit. Sushma says she needs to follow Pragati.

Aditi drags Sushma inside. Sushma informs the mask person about the Pragati. Raghbir says he is going office. Shefali ask not today. Harshit ask him to go.

Pragati drives and mask person follows her. Pragati reaches the location send by Prashant. She goes inside and mask person follows her.

Prashant makes Pragati to meet Anil. He tells that Anil runs a secret forensic lab so that none doubts. Mask person too comes.

Dev tries to enter house. Raghbir comes and sees him. He calls out for Dev but Dev hides.

House helper informs Raghbir that all have

Pragati and Prashant talk about matching Raghbir’s fingerprints. Anil asks Pragati for Raghbir’s fingerprint. Pragati recalls how she took Raghbir’s fingerprint on the glass. She gives the glass to Anil.

Anil ask them to follow him to the lab.

Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati. Priya calls for help. Raghbir hears Priya’s voice and runs to save her.

Raghbir breaks Priya’s door and sees Dev with Priya. Raghbir beats Dev to the blue. Dev pleads Raghbir to listen to him once. Priya ask Raghbir to stop. But Raghbir beats Dev. Priya gives her promise to Raghbir and stops him.

Evidence bag goes missing. Anil and Pragati panics and search for the bag.  Mask person runs with the evidence bag.

Priya tells to Raghbir that she got frighten seeing snake. Dev tells Raghbir how Priya was calling out for her after seeing snake and he came to save her.

Dev gives water to Priya. Raghbir ask Dev to drink water. He apologizes to Dev. Raghbir ask him to come with him to the doctor for dressing of his wounds.

Anil enquires at his orphanage for the bag. Pragati sees the mask person running with the bag and runs behind him. Prashant and Anil too runs behind him.

Mask person falls down. Pragati about to unmask the person but Harshit comes from behind and ask Pragati what she is doing here. Pragati says she will tell him later.

Prashant and Anil catches a person. Pragati ask where is the bag. Man says he didn’t took any bag.

Pragati says a lady saw that man and runs to enquire for the mask person. Lady says but she didn’t saw the face of the person.

Pragati thinks of Harshit and goes to search him. She thinks what he was doing here. Prashant says now what they will do.  Pragati doubts on Raghbir and goes back home. She searches for Raghbir. Raghbir comes inside and Pragati looks at him. (Episode Ends)

Next week: Pragati sees someone with a bag. She goes close and  gets stun seeing Raghbir with the bag.