Bepanah Pyaar 23rd October 2019 Written Update: Pragati’s karvachauth fasting for Raghbir

The episode starts with the girl revealing to be Pragati. She says that it’s karwachauth today and she’s searching for sargi. She explains it to him and feels badly that her saas is not with her to give it to her. Sahas prepares sargi for Pragati and serves it to her. Sahas plays saas role and asks her to eat. Pragati gets lost in Ragbir’s memories. Sahas sees this and diverts her mind with his stupid talks.

Pragati have her sargi. Sahas asks about her previous karwachauths. Pragati recalls Ragbir stopping Pragati from keeping fast for him and Pragati explaining her happiness and importance for the festival. Ragbir also keep fast for her despite Pragati’s protests Sahas brings her back from memories and asks her to have her sargi.

In Ragbir’s house too all the ladies keep karwachauth fast for her. Badi maa reminds them about Pragati’s first karwachauth that day and everyone misses Pragati while Aditi gets irked. Pragati gets a parcel and finds saree in the parcel. She gets a letter from Sahas pretending as her mother in law and says that this is her gift for karwachauth from her mother in law. Pragati smiles at it.

Badi maa brings water for Ragbir with some thing mixed in it. She asks him to call Pragati atleast once and let know of her whereabouts. Ragbir turns down her request and she leaves keeping the water on the table.

Ragbir drinks the water and Badi maa watches it hiding. She thinks that let them keep fasting for both and whose fasting is weak the other one will die. Ragbir drinks. Pragati sees a lady breaking fas6 seeing her husband’s face. She imagines Ragbir breaking her fast. Ragbir also sees ladies breaking their fast from their husband’s hands. He too imagines breaking Pragati fast.

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Pragati recalls Ragbir asking the place of date after fast and her suggesting temple. Ragbir mocks her for unromantic while Pragati days that she needs to visit for his long life and Ragbir gets emotional and agrees. Pragati believes that Ragbir will definitely visit temple as promised and decides to break the fast only after seeing his face for his long life.

Ragbir searches for Pragati and finds her not there. He’s all drunk and mocks her for not coming there. He comes to the temple and prays in front of Goddess. He pours his pain out in front of idol. He says about Bani leaving him and his happy life with him. He says about falling in love again with Pragati and her backstabbing him. He asks if she’s happy with the game of live, love and death.

Pragati is rushing but is still late. Ragbir pours all his grief in front of Goddess. He says about her leaving him twice and breaking his heart twice. He starts feeling suffocated.

Precap : doctor informs the family that his liver is totally damaged and needs immediate liver transplantation. He says that if it doesn’t happen soon then it may get difficult for him to survive.