Bepanah Pyaar 23rd September 2019 Written Update: Pragati learns Raghbir is not Bani’s culprit

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir saving Pragati. He asks her not to close eyes and look at him. He saves Pragati. The duo shares an eye lock. Raghbir scolds Pragati and ask her to stop doing stunts.

Aditi thinks how railing got damaged as she has recently renovation. Devraj says Pragati would have met same fate what Bani has gone through. Raghbir ask family mates not to tell anything to Kunti else she will be stressed.

Harshit thinks to first remove Raghbir from Pragati’s life. Raghbir dreams of Bani and worries why he can’t see her face. Pragati comes and Raghbir yells at her for taking care of him. He ask her stop pretending Bani, as she can’t take her place in his wife.

Pragati thinks Raghbir is doing drama to cover things. Raghbir ask Pragati to stop brining change in his life and stay away from her.

Harshit sees Raghbir going somewhere. He accompanied him to the bar. Harshit asks waiter to pour the drink till Raghbir drops.

Kunti bonds with Parth. Tina gets happy and Aditi gets jealous seeing her.  Pragati worries for Raghbir. Shefali and Priya asks not to worry and ask her to come with them. Pragati denies but Shefali and Priya drags her. Other side, Raghbir pours his heart out to Harshit.  Meanwhile, Harshit signals waiter to spike Raghbir’s drink. Waiter agrees.

Shefali and Priya try to divert Pragati’s mind. Priya tells to Pragati that Raghbir went with her to meet Dev. Pragati ask the timing. Priya tells around 3pm. Pragati thinks Prashant met with an accident at the same time and gets confused. Here, Harshit brings Raghbir home. Raghbir sleeps. Harshit informs someone on the call that Raghbir is drunk today and now none can save him. Raghbir goes to his room and misses Bani. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harshit evil move to harm Pragati again.