Bepanah Pyaar 24th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir’s life in danger and Sahas gets to know Pragati truth


The episode starts with Ragbir shouting in front of Goddess and coughs badly. He keeps ringing the temple bells and falls down unconscious. Pragati comes there and searches for him but couldn’t find him. She believes that he will come and waits for him. She gets lost in Ragbir’s memories. Pragati cries for not seeing Ragbir’s face and pleads to let her fulfill her fasting. She prays them to bring her Ragbir there and clear all the misunderstanding between them. She falls on floor crying and that’s when she sees Ragbir’s ring. She thanks God and searches for Ragbir. She finds him unconscious near the forest. She tries waking him up but couldn’t. She tries getting help from any passing vehicle but none helps her. She then finds an abundant cart and with great difficulty puts Ragbir on the cart and trolls it on road singlehandedly. She was praying all the time.

She comes to hospital and asks if anyone present. She keeps shouting for Doctor and Nurse informs that doctor has left. She brings the nurse only to find Ragbir missing. Someone is strolling him away in stretcher and treats him. He’s revealed to be Sahas. He asks Nurse to give his purse and calls him home.

Ragbir’s family comes to hospital and waits impatiently outside his ward. Pragati sees everyone and hides. Sahas comes out and everyone gets surprised seeing him. Ragbir’s father asks when did he come come back from States. He says that he came back two months back. Pragati gets surprised seeing Sahas familiar with the family. Ragbir’s father asks him to treat Ragbir and he assures that he will take care of him. Badi maa fake cries while she herself mixed poison in his drink. Aditi as always taunts Pragati but this time everyone agrees with her and calls Pragati insensitive. Pragati cries that there’s no Ragbir to take stand for her and cries. She says that how will she prove herself to everyone in this situation.

Sahas comes out and says that doctor will inform them. He leaves to check for other patients. He finds Pragati and calls for her. Pragati shuts him and takes him aside. She asks how he knows Ragbir and then understands that he’s her Ragbir. He is about to take her to them but she stops him. She says that she can’t reveal her truth to them. He asks what truth and she reveals that she’s Bani. Sahas denies believing her but Pragati narrates him their college incident and he gets shocked. She explains what happened in their life and says that she stayed with him being well aware of him. The doctor comes out and says that Ragbir’s life is in danger and needs immediate liver transplantation. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap : Pragati forces Sahas to test her once to check if she matches with Ragbir. Ragbir gets operated.