Bepanah Pyaar 24th September 2019 Written Update: Harshit again risks Pragati’s life!

Today’s episode starts with Harshit hears anglet sound and thinks Raghbir is in hall and Pragati is in room. Raghbir in his room sees Bani’s pictures and throws it. Harshit puts the room on fire and says Raghbir won’t be able to save Pragati this time.

Pragati hears fire alarm and asks Priya and Shefali to run out. Malhotra’s runs out too and sees Raghbir and Harshit is missing. They worry for them. Pragati runs inside the burning house to save Raghbir.

Harshit runs out of the burning house and pushes Pragati to Raghbir’s room. Raghbir sees Bani and confesses in front of her that he loves Pragati. Pragati to save Raghbir pushes him on bed and the duo shares an eye lock (likh di tere naal zindagi plays in the background). Raghbir confesses love to Pragati. Pragati gets teary. Raghbir faints saying I love you. Pragati hugs Raghbir.

Pragati faints too. Fire brigade rescues Raghbir and Pragati. Doctor tells to Nakuul not to worry, as Raghbir and Pragati both are save. Kunti says she will stay in the hospital. Harshit gets angry thinking Pragati is saved again.

Pragati gains consciousness and goes to meet Raghbir. She recalls Raghbir’s word (Tu Nazm Nazm sa plays in the background). Pragati showers kisses to Raghbir and apologizes for misunderstanding him.

Raghbir wakes up and ask Pragati what happened to her. Pragati tells him that she was confused till last night but now her all doubt is clear. Raghbir asks Pragati but what happened last night. Pragati gets stunned. Raghbir says he don’t remember anything. Kunti, Devraj and Nakuul come to meet Raghbir.

Nakuul tells Raghbir how Pragati saved him from the burning house. Raghbir taunts Pragati. Devraj ask Raghbir not to speak rudely with Pragati. Kunti ask Raghbir to take rest.

Pragati thinks the one who has separated her from Raghbir she will find out about the person. She further thinks to reveal her real identity to Raghbir. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harshit goes to meet his boss and assures him that he will kill Pragati today itself. Raghbir goes to Pragati’s ward and tries to kiss her. Pragati wakes up and sees Raghbir near her.