Bepanah Pyaar 25th September 2019 Written update : Raghbir denies to listen his inner voice!

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir recalling Nakuul’s word and goes to meet Pragati. Pragati cries thinking Raghbir’s word. Raghbir watches her from far.
Later, Raghbir comes to Pragati and adores her. He kiss her hand. He tires to kiss her forehead but Pragati gets shocked seeing him near her.

Devraj and others shifts to new house. Shalu ask kunti to rest as she will clean the house.
Gopi ask Dev to help in cleaning the house if he wants to be a part of the family. Dev’s parents sees him cleaning the house and yells at Gopi and Shalu for making their son to work. Both the families do argument.

Other side, Raghbir’s inner voice ask Raghbir to realize his love for Pragati. But Raghbir gets confused over his feelings. Meanwhile, Aditi complains Devraj for bringing her at Kunti’s house. Here, Harshit thinks of a plan to get rid of Pragati.

Raghbir and Pragati comes back home. Kunti welcomes Pragati. Further, Kunti ask Raghbir to fill Pragati’s hair line with sindoor. Raghbir denies but later filled Pragati’s hairline and leaves the place angrily. Kunti gets teary seeing Raghbir’s behavior.Shalu comments Raghbir is so moody.
Pragati comes to Raghbir.

Afterwards, Raghbir ask Pragati to go out of his room. Pragati denies.
Raghbir and Pragati does each other’s dressing.

Further, Pragati ask Raghbir not to give her Bani’s place but just consider her his friend. Raghbir denies. Everyone sits for breakfast, Raghbir refuses to eat khichadi. Kunti emotionally blackmails Raghbir. Pragati adores Raghbir. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harshit goes to meet his partner in crime and assures him that he will kill Pragati today.