Bepanah Pyaar 26th August 2019 Written Update: Pragati spots Raghbir with the evidence bag!

Today’s episode starts with Pragati. She recalls the flashback and stares Raghbir. Raghbir ask what happened. He ask Pragati she messaged she went to find something, did she got? Pragati thinks of a bag and thinks Raghbir is doing acting in front of her.

Pragati and Raghbir talks with each other and later Pragati decides that like Ragbhir she will also do acting in front of him.

Raghbir ask Pragati do she like Dev. He asks Pragati to sit and tells her about love. He further says Dev is fit for Priya and they should help the duo. Raghbir asks Pragati to help him. Pragati misunderstands Raghbir and gets ready to help him for Priya’s sake.

Shefali informs Raghbir and Pragati that Dev is ready to meet Priya. Pragati asks Nakul and Shefali to go with Priya.

Shefali asks Raghbir and Pragati to come along. Raghbir asks Pragati to go and get ready.

Raghbir ask Nakul and Shefali to take Priya and he will come with Pragati.

Pragati sees evidence bag in Raghbir’s car and stands shocked. Raghbir sees Pragati in saree and says she can’t come with him in this dress, as at club they will not allow her to enter. Mask person sees Raghbir and Pragati from far.

Raghbir gets mesmerized seeing Pragati in western outfit (Naino se Naina song plays in the background).

Pragati gets uneasy in the outfit. Raghbir laughs at Pragati and when she gets angry, Raghbir praises her. Pragati smiles hearing Raghbir’s word. Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati and stares her. Pragati blushes.

Raghbir and Pragati come out from room and sees Aditi and Tina playing card. Pragati hides seeing Devraj too sitting with them.

Raghbir distracts Malhotra’s so that Pragati can leave. Pragati goes out and hides seeing Shalu and Gopi. Raghbir distracts them too.

Pragati in the car thinks to swipe away the bag. She asks weird questions from Raghbir and Raghbir answers to her sarcastically.

Later, Raghbir and Pragati reach the venue. Pragati thinks of a way to go near the car for the bag.

Pragati makes an excuse to Raghbir and says she lost her earring and she will go out and find it. Raghbir asks Pragati to come back soon.

Pragati search for Raghbir’s car and gets stunned seeing the mask person. She thinks who is the man and goes near to check. Club staff stops Pragati and meanwhile, mask person takes away the bag. Pragati looks for the mask person.

Raghbir comes from behind and Pragati gets scared. Raghbir ask did she found the earring. Pragati says no. Raghbir says he will check inside the car. Pragati says Raghbir has sent someone else to take the bag.

Pragati finds some cloth near Raghbir’s car and keeps it hiding from Raghbir. Here, Raghbir tells to Pragati that this car is used by everyone at home, right from Nakul, Harshit and Shefali.

Pragati gets shocked and recalls a flashback. She thinks is Harshit helping the culprit. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Dev ask Priya not to cry. Raghbir ask what happened. Pragati, Nakul and Shefali gets stunned seeing Akshay. Pragati does drama in front of Akshay and slaps him.