Bepanah Pyaar 26th July 2019 Written Update: Kunti confronts Raghbir about Pragati| Pragati goes down to the basement

Today’s episode opens with Kunit comes for breakfast and ask about Raghbir and Pragati. Aditi says to Kunti that no one is her servant she can go and call. Kunti goes away. Devraj and Aditi argue over Raghbir and his up brining.

Raghbir drinks and recalls about his moments with Pragati. He worries why he is imaging Pragati instead of Bani. Raghbir’s hand gloves were focused. Pragati calls out for help. She sees the secret room and enters inside.

Kunti comes to Raghbir and asks for Pragati. She asks Raghbir why he is not worrying about Raghbir. Raghbir asks Kunti not to worry for her and says she will come back. Kunti worries for Pragati and asks him to go and search. Kunti says Pragati is his wife. Raghbir says Bani was his wife and Pragati don’t matter to him at all. Kunti confronts Raghbir about Pragati and the duo talks to each other.

Kunti forces Ragbhir to go and search Pragati. Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati and says to Kunti that he will not go to find her. Pragati walks inside the dark room. She slips down and falls. Pragati takes a lamp and looks at something.

Aditi thinks that why medicine is not effecting to Kunti. Kunti worries for Pragati. Nakul and Shefali take her to the room. Aditi comes and says she will give her medicine today. She mixes some medicine and give it to Kunti. Kunti drinks it. Pragati goes deeper into the basement and gets scared. She motivates herself and says not to fear. She finds some big box and gets stunned. Wind blows Pragati opens the trunk and gets shocked.

Kunti says she needs to find Pragati. She recalls Nakul’s words and gestures to go but feels dizzy.
Pragati reads old newspaper articles about Bani. She finds some recorder and hears Bani and Raghbir’s conversation. Raghbir in the between the convo says to Bani that in order to punish her he can even kill her. Pragati stands shocked.

Next Week: Pragati runs and Raghbir follows her. She was about to fall and Raghbir catches her. Pragati says she is fine, as this time wood is in its place. Raghbir gets shocked.