Bepanah Pyaar 26th June 2019 Written Update: Raghbir romances with Pragati imaging Bani!

Today’s episode opens with Harshit telling everyone that blood on Pragati’s hand was real. She saw something strange but couldn’t explain to us. Raghbir’s aunt interrupts and says this can’t be true. Harshit says no one is save here because of the hidden secret. Aditi says

Devraj gets angry and says no one is going anywhere, neither Raghbir nor Pragati. Bebe comes and says we all know whatever happened with Bani was not right and now no one can stop the secret to come in front of all.

Pragati asks Raghbir to change his clothes. Raghbir says he don’t need her advice and ask her leave the place. Raghbir again imagines Bani and ask Pragati to help in changing his clothes. He sees Bani in Pragati, drags her and asks her to open shirt button. The duo falls on the bed. Pragati asks Raghbir to leave her. Raghbir kisses Pragati’s hand thinking Bani. Pragati gets restless. Pragati pushes Raghbir. Raghbir asks her to leave. Pragati cries recalling the bedroom incident.

Aditi sees Pragati sleeping and calls her out. She asks about her whereabouts and says her to bring Raghbir down as some guests are coming to meet him. Aditi says to Pragati that Raghbir is her responsibility get him ready.

Pragati goes and sees Raghbir sleeping on floor.She tries to wake him up. Pragati calls her father and asks him to help in waking up Raghbir.

Pragati’s father tells her different ways to wake him up. Raghbir starts getting consciousness.  Raghbir vomits Pragati takes care of him. He ask why she came back. Pragati ask him to get ready for the dinner.

Investors come. Harshit welcomes them. They ask for Raghbir. Pragati comes. Harshit introduces Pragati to them. Aditi ask about Raghbir from Pragati. Raghbir comes down and greets the investors. They talk about the business.

Raghbir gives befitting replies to them. One of the investor asks what the date today is. Harshit tells the date. Raghbir gets stunned hearing the date.

Raghbir takes a drink and starts drinking. Aditi tells everyone that Pragati handled Raghbir today but what she will do on 26th June as its Bani’s death anniversary.

Pragati goes to her room and relaxes. Raghbir counts the days. He talks to himself and gets emotional. Raghbir shouts and asks someone to bring alcohol for him.

Raghbir sees Pragati and stares her. Pragati is unwell and about to fall. Raghbir catches her. She looks at Raghbir.

Raghbir says does she too drink. Pragati says she wants water. He checks her and says she is having high fever. He asks her to come along with him. He carries her in his arms. He takes care of Pragati.

Pragati ask Raghbir to get back to his work. He gets angry on her, later, Raghbir yells at Pragati and says who told her that he wants to forget his past. Pragati gets scared.

Precape: Aditi scares Pragati. Devraj comes and ask what happened. Pragati says she saw some woman going with suitcase.