Bepanah Pyaar 26th September 2019 Written Update: Raghbir goes mad at Pragati

Today’s episode opens with Kunti telling to Malhotra that she is keeping pooja at home. Harshit lies to Tina and says he is going office. He further goes to meet his boss. Pragati’s father comes and gets worried about her health. Pragati asks him not to worry and tells to her father that she learned Raghbir is not Bani’s culprit. Pragati’s father advised her to disclose her real identity to Raghbir. Shefali attends environment class. Some other girl tries to impress Raghav. Shefali gets upset.
Malhotra’s prepare for the Pooja. Dev and Priya spend time together. Nakul asks Priya to fix a date with Dev. Priya goes and talks with Dev.

Raghbir and Pragati perform the Pooja together. Pragati sees the masked person and gets scared. Raghbir asks Pragati what happened. Pragati says nothing. Later, Pragati sees many mask person around her and gets scared. Mask persons about to attack Pragati.

Pragati shouts and hugs Raghbir. She further tells that she fears the dark.
Someone prank Raghbir with Bani’s memories. Raghbir gets disturbed. Later, Pragati says to Raghbir that she can make him feel good.

Raghbir and Pragati play guess what game. Further, Raghbir sips the tea and ask Pragati how she got to know that he loves lemongrass tea. Pragati stands shocked and lies to Raghbir that he has only learned her about it.
In the morning Kunti comes to Pragati and ask her to make Raghbir understand to move on his life.
Kunti gives Bani’s bracelet to Pragati. Pragati refuses to wear it.

Afterward, Raghbir yells at Pragati for touching Bani’s stuff. Kunti ask Raghbir to calm down. Raghbir gets angry and Pragati gets teary hearing him. (Episode Ends)

Precap:- Upset Pragati leaves Raghbir’s house. Raghbir misses Pragati.