Bepanah Pyaar 27th August 2019 Written Update: Pragati gets furious on Akshay!

Todays’ episode starts with Pragati and Raghbir entering the club.

Raghbir says no for alcohol. Pragati gets shocked and ask to Raghbir is he fine, as he said no to drinks. Raghbir says he said no for her because if he will drink she too will drink.

Nakul, Shefali and Priya argue on  playing the song. Raghbir ask them not to fight here.

Priya goes to DJ and ask him to play Bollywood music. Dev comes from behind. Priya thanks Dev for helping her. Dev offers Priya to dance but Priya goes. Raghbir, Pragati, Shefali and Nakul see them from far.

Dev about to Kiss Priya but Raghbir interrupts. After that Priya gets to know the truth that they planned it. Priya goes away.

Pragati and Raghbir fights with each other. Pragati gets upset and later Raghbir, Nakul, Shefali, Priya and Dev performs for Pragati.  (Ladaki beauty full kar gyi chull song plays) Pragati too dances with them. Priya sees Akshay and goes away. Pragati worries and tries to go behind her but Raghbir stops her. He say to Pragati that for Priya’s safety he has hired a security guard who will take care.

Pragati and Raghbir do couple dance on aaj jaane ki zidd na karo. The duo shares an eye lock. Security guard signals to Raghbir and Raghbir goes to check Priya.

Priya cries and Dev tries to console her. Raghbir and Pragati come and ask what happened to her. Shefali points at Akshay. Raghbir gets angry seeing him. Pragati decides to teach a lesson to Akshay.

Pragati does drama for Akshay in front of all and later slaps him when Akshay accuses her that she wants his money. Akshay falls down.

Pragati reveals to Akshay that she is Priya’s sister-in law and threatens that she will give a good dose to him. She brings alocohol and pours it on Akshay and says he is a cheater.

Priya, Nakul, Dev, Raghbir and Shefali watches from far. Shefali comes to Pragati and says she too will pour alcohol. Everyone at club pours alcohol on Akshay and calls him cheater. Pragati asks Priya to do the same and end her chapter with Akshay. Priya does the same and hugs Pragati.

Raghbir praises Pragati for her act. People at club calls Akshay cheater. Furious Akshay throws a bottle towards Pragati to harm her but Raghbir catches the bottle.

Raghbir goes to Akshay with the same bottle and about to break it on Akshay’s head but Pragati stops him. He asks Pragati not to worry, as he will not beat him.

Raghbir threatens Akshay and later ask for a drink from waiter. He gives the drink to Akshay and asks him to pour it on himself. Akshay does the same.

Raghbir turns around smiles seeing Pragati and walks away. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Aditi speaks ill about Pragati and Raghbir yells back at Aditi for insulting his wife. Pragati stands shocked.