Bepanah Pyaar 27th June 2019 Written Update: Pragati sees Bani’s spirit!

Today’s episode opens with Raghbir yelling at Pragati and asking her who told her he wants to come over from his past. Pragati gets scared. Raghbir says Bani is his past and he wants to live with those good memeories. He says you want to make me foget my past and takes Bani’s place. Pragati says no. Raghbir says to Pragati that she can stay at his house but she can’t be his wife. He shouts at Pragati and goes.

Aditi tells to Raghbir’s aunt and uncle about the investors meeting. Raghbir’s uncle asks what about Priya now. Aditi says she has fixed Priya’s alliance. Aditi goes away.

At night Pragati hears some noise. She sees someone’s shadow and follows it. She goes out of her room to check who is there. She walks in the corridor. Pragati sees someone going with the suitcase. Aditi comes from behind, Pragati shouts looking at her. Devraj asks what happened. She tells she saw someone in the house. Aditi says she is daily doing this nonsense drama from few days. Harshit asks Pragati to tell him whatever happened. Pragati explains him what she saw.

In the flashback Raghbir asks Bani to be quick else they will miss the flight. Bani is seen coming with the suitcase in the same gesture like the shadow. Aditi’s flashback ends. They all hears some noise and gets stunned.

Pragati takes everyone inside the dark room. She peeks inside a half-open door. She goes down in the dim light. Bani is standing wearing red saree. She throws her suitcase towards Pragati. She falls down.

Raghbir self-talks to himself and misses Bani. He drinks and recalls the flashback. In the flashback Bani and Raghbir is seen packing their stuffs. Bani hide some papers. Raghbir asks her to show him. Raghbir tries to catch her but falls down. Flashback ends. He again thinks of the flashback where Police informs him that Bani is found nowhere nor her body can be identified. Raghbir gets angry on him. Flashback ends. Raghbir slips down and gets hurt.

Everyone comes down and asks Pragati what happened. She tells everyone that Bani was standing there and throws suitcase on her. She looks down and sees suitcase is open. Aditi takes suitcase from her. Aditi says she is just hallucinating and needs to rest. Harshit asks her to go and take rest. Pragati comes back and tells to everyone that she was sleeping in her room and heard some noise so came here. She asks why all are awake at 2. Aditi gets shocked seeing her. Harshit tries to explain but Pragati leaves the place.

Pragati comes back and sees Raghbir’s wound. She takes care of him and thinks of Raghbir’s words. She talks sitting near to Raghbir and says earlier she thought someone wants to scare her so she can leave the house but now she is confirm some spirit is trying to support her.

Pragati tells her father that Bani’s spirit is trying to tell her something. Her father gets stunned hearing her. (Episode Ends)

Precape: Pragati tells Raghbir that Priya like someone else. Raghbir goes to confront Priya. Aditi says he is forcing Priya to say yes. Raghbir says Pragati told him about Priya.