Bepanah Pyaar 28th January 2020 Written Update: Ragbir and Pragati celebrate their anniversary

The episode starts with Ragbir and Pragati getting ready for their anniversary date. Pragati worries if they could go on a date when Shefali is in this condition. Ragbir assures her that it’s fine. Ragbir comes out when Sahas informs him about a meeting. Ragbir wonders about what to do when Pragati comes for his help. However both gets shocked knowing that it’s the same hotel that they planned their date. Kunti smirks seeing Sahas. Ragbir leaves fuming while Pragati follows him. Ragbir’s mother looks irritated at Kunti and leaves. Harshit says Kunti that both their meeting places are at opposite poles and they can never celebrate their anniversary at any cost. Sahas gets hope.

During the whole meeting Pragati is lost in Ragbir’s memories. She gets Ragbir’s text for not keeping up his promise to have lunch together. Pragati cries for their spoiled date. She gets shocked seeing Ragbir there. She gets extremely happy seeing him. Ragbir mocks ay her for crying like that. Pragati scolds him for troubling her with the message. She asks Ragbir about how did he escape his meeting. Ragbir says about presenting his presentation beforehand.

Pragati calls it unethical but Ragbir shuts her and asks her not to spoil her day. He gifts her a saree and asks her to change. He switches off their mobiles to avoid any disturbance and Pragati agrees. Pragati leaves to change.

Harshit informs Kunti about Ragbir and Pragati both missing in their meeting after lunch break. Kunti fumes and scolds Harshit for his failed plan. She gets furious. Ragbir and Pragati are watching horror movie in car and Pragati hides her face in fear. Soon they cut the cake and feeds each other.

Pragati applies cream on his face and they both gets romantic. They both fo to carnival on Pragati’s insistence. Passers by see them and they leaves shying. Sahas scolds Kunti and Harshit for their failed plan. He says about their secret meetings at night. Sahas says about their secret romances at night. They understand that they are together and Kunti fumes knowing about it. She gets angry at Ragbir for not keeping the promise given to her. She swears to separate them while Sahas leaves to find them..

Ragbir and Pragati have golgappa competition where Ragbir cheats but still Pragati wins. She finds it difficult as the spice is too much while Ragbir offers her water. Sahas kn the other hand goes to Pragati’s favourite restaurant in search of her. Ragbir and Pragati enjoy the carnival buying stuff and romancing with each other.

Precap : Pragati gets emotional in front of Ragbir. Fortune teller says that they are not destined together shocking them.