Bepanah Pyaar 28th June 2019 Written Update: Pragati tells Priya’s truth to Raghbir!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati sees a car near her house. She recalls and says it is the same car which was standing outside Raghbir’s house too. She goes near the vehicle and sees a masks man. Car goes away.

Otherside, Harshit and everyone goes inside the dark room to dump the suitcase. Raghbir’s aunt says they should hide the bag. Aditi asks everyone to leave the

Priya gets ready. She calls Akshay and asks him to do something as her family is going to fix her alliance with someone else. Pragati comes from behind and hears her talk. Priya talks rudely with Pragati. She goes away.

Harshit makes Raghbir ready. Raghbir’s shirt button comes out. Pragati comes inside and asks is he needs anything. Raghbir says to bring sweet poison for him. Pragati says can she fix his button. Raghbir denies but later asks her to fix the button. Pragati asks for needle. Raghbir goes to bring.

Aditi introduces Gopi and Shalu to Dev’s parents. Priya gets upset. Pragati fixes his button and tells him that Priya likes someone else.

Raghbir comes down. Aditi tells Raghbir that Priya’s alliance gets fixed. Raghbir asks Priya is she happy with this relation. Aditi says to Raghbir that he is forcing her to change her statement. Raghbir again asks to Priya to tell him the truth and says Pragati told him about Priya. Raghbir asks Pragati to come down. He goes to take her. Raghbir gives his hand to hold. Aditi and Gopi ask Raghbir not to believe Pragati. He asks Priya to speak up. Priya says she is happy with this alliance.  She blames Pragati and says she mind have misunderstood her.

Raghbir talks with Dev. Everyone get happy. Raghbir glares at Pragati. Priya gets teary and goes away.

Pragati brings milk for bebe. Bebe asks her to sit and talk with her. She tries to calm her down. Bebe promotes Choti Sardani.

Pragati comes back to her room. Aditi, Gopi and Shalu come to her room and lash her for trying to break Priya’s alliance. Aditi asks her to stop all the nonsense and scolds her. Pragati gets upset.

Pragati sees the same luggage in her room and thinks Bani’s spirit wants her to know something. She shouts seeing the suitcase. Aditi returns back and asks her to forget about the suitcase as she has kept it safe at some place. Pragati goes near the suitcase and gestures to touch it. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Pragati looks for Raghbir. There, Raghbir plans to harm himself and puts current in the water. Pragati searches for Raghbir.