Bepanah Pyaar 28th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir gets to know of kunti sacrifice

The episode starts with Kunti explaining her plan to Harshit and her paying the doctor to lie about her liver transplantation. The doctor comes and Kunti pays him more. She threatens to complaint to medical council if in case he say about it to anyone. He agrees and leaves. Ragbir’s sister finds Pragati but Sahas saves her on time. She says Sahas that she’s her Pragati Bhabhi but Sahas convinces her that she’s Dr. Keerthi and takes her aside. Sahas asks Pragati to be careful and she leaves to check on Ragbir. Sahas decides to unite her with Ragbir.

Pragati sees Ragbir and takes care of him. She sees him recovering and calls out for him but hears his hate for her and runs away crying. Sahas tries following her but a patient calls him for help and he leaves.

Ragbir gets Pragati’s memories and wakes up. His whole family rushes to him and gets happy seeing him all fine. They say about his surgery. He sees Sahas there and asks what’s he doing there. They said that he had liver transplantation and he asks who donated him liver. They say that it’s Badi maa and he gets shocked.

Ragbir scolds them and asks how could they let her to do it. Ge tries going to her but they stop him saying that he just undergone surgery and asks him to take care. Sahas too says the same and he gets convinced.

Badi maa takes aarti of Ragbir and Ragbir gets emotional. He recalls scolding her and behaving rude with her. He cries and apologizes for his behaviour. She asks will he apologize his mom and asks him to forget everything. She hugs him crying and smirks seeing Harshit.

Badi mas asks him to forget everything. Everyone gets happy to see the old malhotra family back. Sahas takes his leave and they thank him for his help. Everyone leaves and Harshit goes somewhere. He visits Ragbir’s study and tears off a document.

Precap : Pragati visits Ragbir and Ragbir behaves rude with her. The whole family spew hate on her. Pragati runs crying and reaches the cliff and jumps from it.