Bepanah Pyaar 29th August 2019 Written Update: Mask person kills Sushma

Today’s episode starts with Pragati telling Sushma to give the evidence to Prashant. Pragati checks her bag and gets shocked seeing her bag is empty. She sees the evidence near the dining table.

Pragati goes back and sits. She says she should give the food to the guard too. Raghbir says he will give. Pragati says she will go and give.  She picks up the evidence and keeps it in her bag. Pragati excuses herself.

Pragati doubts Sushma and later handovers the evidence to Sushma. She keeps the original evidence with her and says she will cross-check what Sushma is hiding.

Raghbir calls out for Raghbir. He asks did she give food to the guard. Pragati says yes. Raghbir ask heer to have the food and sleep early.

Pragati follows Sushma. Prashant asks Pragati where she is. Pragati ask Prashant to keep an eye on Sushma. She ask to be on call.

Pragati searches for Sushma. She spots Sushma talking with someone. She goes closer to check. Sushma tells to mask person that Pragati didn’t doubt her. A speedy car tries to harm Pragati. Pragati saves herself and otherside,  mask person kills Sushma.

Pragati comes back to room and calls out for Raghbir. She says he is not in the room. Pragati doubts on Raghbir. Pragati wakes up and finds Raghbir nowhere. She thinks he might be taking bath and she can talk with Prashant.

Pragati and Prashant discuss about Sushma and evidence. She says today only she will hand over the evidence to him.

Pragati ask to Raghbir where he was last night. Raghbir says with his friends. Pragati thinks he is telling a lie, as she saw he was with Sushma.

Raghbir and Pragati come down and Gopi ask he didn’t drink today. Kunti tells Raghbir about Janmashtmi. She says how he forgot Bani’s favorite festival.

Kunti ask Raghbir to sit with them. She asks Nakul did he know about Janmashtmi. They all discuss about the Janmashtmi. Kunti further says Lord Krishna used to love Radha and Rukhmani both. She says one person can love two peoples at a time. Raghbir opposes and tries to leave.

Kunti stops Raghbir and says that at one time one can love two people. She asks her to follow for doing the ritual. Kunti tells to Raghbir that he loves Pragati and Bani both. She counts Pragati’s goodness and Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati.

Pragati questions to Harshit what he was doing at the orphanage. Harshit says he went to talk with the owner for the donation. He asks Pragati what she was doing there. Pragati makes an excuse and later thinks why Harshit got nervous after she asks him the question. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati tells to her father that she used to love Raghbir but now she only hates him. Raghbir comes from behind and says hate Pragati stands shocked.