Bepanah Pyaar 29th January 2020 Written Update: Pragati gets disheartened hearing her future

The episode starts with Ragbir and Pragati enjoying the carnival buying stuffs and teasing each other. They both find pottery and Ragbir asks permission to let Pragati use the pottery wheel. They both does pottery and gets recalled of Ragbir teaching pottery to Bani. They both play with it while Sahas is searching madly for them.

Later they wash their hands off and Ragbir and Pragati pulls each other’s legs. Ragbir boasts that he’s handsome and girls were at the back of him. Pragati says that it’s him who was at the back of her and even she had lots of fan following. They both keep a competition where they play a role of Aman and Jeena and Aman has to woo Jeena.

Pragati us buying stuffs when Ragbir flirts with her as Aman. Everyone misunderstands him and calls him a rogue. Ragbir tries saying that he’s her husband but Pragati denies. They drag him away and Pragati finally reveals that he’s heh husband and she was playing.

They leave and Ragbir shows fake anger on her. Pragati convinces him. They both enjoy the carnival. All of a sudden Pragati fears what if they get separated in futures and cries. Ragbir consoles her and says that nothing like that will happen and asks her to live the present. Sahas is still searching Pragati.

Pragati says that they could see their tomorrow using tarot card reader. Ragbir doesn’t believe it but Pragati takes him forcefully. They find it empty but the tarot card reader appears. The reader says that they both seem to have more problems.

Ragbir agrees mocking. She says that her life is filled with problems which is mainly due to him. He says he’s her husband and obviously it will be related to him. He calls her fake and is about to leave but The tarot card reader says about Pragati fighting death to be with him.

Ragbir sits down puzzled while card reader asks Pragati to pick three cards from the pack. Pragati takes and gives it yo her. She reads it while Ragbir and Pragati watches tensed. She says that there’s true love in her life and they have strong trust on each other but the thing is they can’t be together. They both gets shocked while the tarot card reader says their names are not written in each other’s hand.

Pragati leaves upset while Ragbir scolds the tarot card reader and gives money to her. She says that they didn’t know how much obstacles are there in their way and in order to become together they may even need to sacrifice a life too.

Ragbir tries lifting Pragati’s mood but she didn’t gets convinced. Sahas finally reaches the carnival and searches for Pragati. Ragbir says Pragati she herself doesn’t know about her future while she’s predicting their. He says that he’ll prove it to her. Ragbir disappears somewhere while Pragati searches him. Sahas spots Pragati.

Precap : Someone follows Pragati and throws a stone at her with letter . She picks the letter and reads it which asks her not to fly high