Bepanah Pyaar 29th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir reveals Bani’s truth to the family

The episode starts with Sahas asking Pragati to visit Ragbir and clear their misunderstanding. He says that her problems will get solved only if she faces it and advises her and leaves. Pragati sees the video message sent by Harshit and gets shocked. She blames herself for his condition and cries. She decides to visit Ragbir.

Ragbir recalls seeing Pragati on hospital and wonders if its real or dream. His cousins come there and enquire about his health. He says that he feels much relieved after apologizing Badi maa. They say about a girl bringing him to hospital in cart and Ragbir asks furiously that if its Pragati. They deny saying that Pragati is not at all aware of his condition. Shefali recalls seeing Pragati in the hospital and Sahas saying her as Keerthi and wonders about it.

Harshit keeps the money in the locker and Tina comes there. He immediately locks the locker when she asks what’s he doing. He diverts her by gifting her diamond necklace. She gets extremely happy seeing it and wears it saying that she will keep it as Diwali gift. She asks how did he get the money to buy it and he asks her to just enjoy the surprises and asks her not to worry about how it came. She romances with him and they share a moment.

Priya and Nakul scold Shefali for revealing about seeing Pragati Bhabhi now. Priya is upset with Pragati for not worrying about her brother while Shefali is still confused. Nakul expresses his trust in Pragati saying that she loves Ragbir very much and will definitely come back.

Harshit and Kunti are enjoying their drinks. Kunti says that Ragbir is back in her feet for a liver that is still in her body. She imitates and makes fun of him. She says that once again everything is back in her control. Harshit says that he has something for her too. He shows her forty crores cheque and Kunti gets shocked as well as happy seeing it. They enjoy their victory.

Ragbir joins his family while Shalu gives him halwa prasad for his recovery. He thanks Badi maa for her sacrifice and haves it. Aditi taunts him to first leave his drinking habit before having prasad. He agrees and says that Badi maa has gifted him this life and he will not waste it. Devraj asks Ragbir about Pragati and he gets furious at the mention of her name. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about her at all. They ask him to say at least about her whereabouts and he says that he doesn’t know where she is and doesn’t care about it too. Devraj says that relations are won’t get cut off just like that and asks Where’s Pragati. Pragati enters saying that she is here.

Everyone gets shocked as well as surprised seeing her. The youngsters greet her. However, everyone’s happiness turned furious when Ragbir reveals the truth about Pragati. They all badmouth her and Pragati keeps apologizing them but they turn deaf wars. A furious Ragbir throws her out of the house despite her protests.

Precap: police calls Ragbir and informs that they’ve found a dead body and the chances are high for it to be his wife. Ragbir gets hell shocked. He’s about to remove the cloth covering the body.