Bepanah Pyaar 2nd December 2019 Written Update: Kunti instigate Sahas against Pragati

Today’s episode starts with Pragati introduces herself to Radhika, as Raghbir’s wife. She tells her to her that but now she is separated from Raghbir. Further, Pragati introduces Sahas and ask Radika and Raghbir to join them. The four of them enjoys and Raghbir and Pragati make each other jealous. Pragati’s dress ruin and she excuses herself. Raghbir goes behind her. He enters the ladies toilet and girl out there yells at him. Raghbir ask her to do her work and questions Pragati what she is doing. Pragati explains she is here to keep an eye on him. The duo shares and eye-lock and later, Pragati kisses Raghbir and he stands shocked.

Pragati and Raghbir come back. Pragati sees the lipstick mark on Raghbir’s cheek and signals him to wipe it. Sahas sees Raghbir and feels jealous. Further, Aditi worries for Shefali and Kunti tells to Ragbhir that Aditi is not receiving the call. Pragati over hears their talk and recalls Shefali’s word. She rushes to find her. There, at party Shefali gets drunk and a boy tries to get closer to her. Pragati reaches at nick of the time and saves her. She slaps the boy and ask him to get out.

Shefali cries and Pragati consoles her. Further, Shefali tells her and Raghav’s story to Pragati. Pragati says to Shefali that Raghav don’t deserve her. Afterwards, Shefali apologizes to Pragati for badly treating her. Pragati ask her to trust her.

Ahead, Sahas in a dark room recalls Pragati and Raghbir’s moment. He hurts his hand with a sword. Kunti comes and tries to manipulate Sahas. She ask him if Pragati is his destination than he should gear up to distance her from Raghbir before it gets too late. Sahas stands shocked and Kunti smirk wickedly. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sahas burns Raghbir’s photo and decides to avenge him.