Bepanah Pyaar 2nd October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir and Pragati comes back home

The episode starts with Ragbir lying Pragati that they consummated last night. Pragati scolds him for not controlling the emotions as he was in his sense. She blames him for making use of the situation. Ragbir laughs and says that he was lying and nothing happened between them. Pragati doesn’t believe him and Ragbir promises on her. He says that he may look bad but he’s not that bad. He asks her to believe him and she finally does.

The owner lady enters and gets shocked seeing them. She asks what they were doing in her house and gets angry. Ragbir takes her outside and flirts with her while Pragati goes to change. He calls her Madonna and compares her with Maduri Dixit too lessen her anger and Pragati hears it and fumes.

They both are in the car and Ragbir calls his father and informs about their arrival. Everyone gets relieved hearing it while Hitesh fumes for the same. Ragbir says that they will have something on the way and be back as they are hungry. Badi maa says that they are fine and that’s enough for them. She asks them to come slowly. Ragbir asks them to inform Pragati’s father too and they agree. Aditi once again taunts Pragati but Badi Maa stops her.

Pragati is upset over the fact that Ragbir flirted with the owner lady. Ragbir says that only he knows how embarrassing it was but Pragati fails to believe him. Ragbir asks the cab driver to switch on the radio and he does so. Later they have some normal chat and cab driver intervenes. Ragbir asks him to wear headphones so that he won’t hear their conversation. They finally reach Dhaba and get down. Ragbir suggests Maggi with tea and Pragati finds his taste weird.

They both are having food with tea and a guy suggests them to have tea on the saucer and it will be a great feeling. However, he adds that rich people like them won’t do so. Ragbir asks why we won’t and does as he said and enjoys the tea. They finally reach home and everyone greets them happily. Ragbir’s bhabhi taunts him for caring for Pragati as he did with Bani. However Ragbir doesn’t react and answers her calmly shocking everyone. He says that he would have done the same if it was her in the position as all are equally important for him. Ragbir’s father feels proud of him and they both have an emotional father-son moment.

Ragbir and Pragati come to their room and Pragati remembers their moments last night and blushes. Everyone is having breakfast while Shefali comes down all dressed as a social worker and says that she’s going to pursue management in environmental science and leaves.

Ragbir comes out of the washroom and finds Pragati lost. Pragati remembers her moments with Ragbir last night. Ragbir comes closer to her and asks if she’s thinking about him. Pragati blushes but soon escapes from his hold.

Precap: Pragati arranges Ragbir’s things. Ragbir says that he’s seeing Bani in her and she gets shocked.