Bepanah Pyaar 30th October 2019 Written Update: Pragati commits suicide and Ragbir gets shocked

The episode starts with Pragati begging Ragbir to forgive her but Ragbir turns down her pleas. He says that from this moment she’s dead for him and he’s dead for her. He throws her out and locks the door. Pragati cries recalling their moments together.

She walks on road with Ragbir and the family’s words ringing on her mind. She comes to the top of the cliff and jumps from it.

Ragbir gets a dream of searching Pragati. He hears her voice and asks Where’s she. He searches for her everywhere in the house and finds her dead on floor. He wakes up with a jerk. Sahas also searches for Pragati and tries calling her but I’m vain. Ragbir gets worried about his dream. He calls Pragati too but its switched off.

Sahas visits the police station and says that his friend Pragati is missing. The police badmouths hs relation with Pragati and blames him back. Sahas gets furious and leaves the place. The inspector sees the photo and identifies her to be Ragbir’s wife. Constable informs him about village people finding a girl’s body and he rushes to see it.

Ragbir gets flashes of Pragati and tries calling her again. Pragati’s saree is seen covered with blood hanging on tree. Kunti see Ragbir worrying for Pragati and gets irked. She says that he has thrown her out of the house but not from his heart. She comes to him and provokes him against Pragati. Ragbir gets Inspector’s call who informs about finding his wife’s dead body and Ragbir gets shocked. He rushes out panicking. Kunti too hears it and gets happy.

Ragbir runs on road while Kunti gets extremely happy and enjoys the news. She laughs hard saying that now no one will be able to save Ragbir from her. Ragbir is running on road and gets hurt by hitting with a vehicle and stone. He bleeds bad but doesn’t care about it. He recalls throwing Pragati out and feels guilty. He keeps running.

The family asks security that why did they let him go in this condition . Kunti says that Ragbir got a call and he left without informing anyone. She asks them to phone the last called person to know where he went. She acts weak and Devraj sends her in. Kunti and Harshit enjoy their suffering.

Nakul says that he gets some intuition that bhai is in danger. He leaves along with chacha to search for him. Ragbir comes to mortuary and sees the body. He recalls all the hateful words he thrown on her and feels guilty. He with a shivering hands touches the cloth on the dead body.

Precap : the family gets shocked learning Pragati’s death news. Ragbir sees a burning dead body and shouts Pragati.