Bepanah Pyaar 30th September 2019 Written Update: Pragati gets attacked by the Goons

Ragbir rescues Pragati and they get caught in the jungle

The episode starts with Pragati’s father convincing her to go back to Ragbir. He says that he’s her father and will always say what’s best for her. He forces her to go back to her Sasural while Pragati stands thinking. Nakul switches on the Tv and they get to know about protests around the city and gets worried. Devraj calls everyone at home and asks them to watch the news. They get shocked. Badi maa worries for Ragbir who went to bring back Pragati. Devraj calls Ragbir and asks him to come back but Ragbir assures that he’ll be fine and cuts the call. They try calling Pragati but both Pragati and Ragbir’s phone couldn’t be connected. Everyone gets worried for the same while Aditi once again blames Pragati for spoiling Ragbir’s life but Badi maa shuts her off.

Ragbir reaches Pragati’s home and asks her father about Pragati. Her father informs him about Pragati going back to him and he gets shocked. He says him about the protests outside and Pragati’s father gets worried. Ragbir assures him that nothing will happen to Pragati and he’ll take care of her. He rushes to save her. Pragati is in the car and thinks that her father is right. She sees protesters and gets shocked. She hides in the car dickey and protesters attack her car. They find no one in the car and decides to set fire to it. Pragati gets scared. However, she escapes the car when the protesters got busy with the others. The goons see Pragati running and run after her. Ragbir in-car worries for Pragati and imagines all the worst situations. He reprimands himself for thinking like that. Pragati is still running while goons are still after her.

Ragbir sees Pragati wounded on a bullock cart and gets shocked. He gets panicked and gets close to her. However, he gets relieved seeing that it’s not Pragati but some other woman. Everyone in Ragbir is worried for them while all the networks are blocked. Pragati’s father calls their land-line and informs about Pragati leaving before Ragbir arrival and Ragbir went in search of her. Badi maa gets shocked and informs everyone of the same and they get worried too. Pragati while running bumps into Ragbir and falls in a slope and rolls with them. The protesters are searching for them and they both fall in an eye lock.

The protesters see Ragbir and Pragati and run after them. They hide and the protesters are still after them. They both are in an eyelock again but someone hits his head from behind. Pragati gets shocked and the goon tries hitting him again but Pragati holds him. She snatches the stick from him and starts beating him furiously. Ragbir tries stopping her but in vain. Finally, he manages to pull her and they both run away only to be surrounded by more goons. Ragbir fights the goons and his family is seen praying for him. It gets dark and they decide to spend the night in the jungle. Pragati hugs Ragbir in fear of thunder.

Precap: Ragbir says that he wanted to say something from long. He asks for a promise from her and asks her not to break the promise ever. They get romantic.