Bepanah Pyaar 31st January 2020 Written Update: Pragati proves that Kunti is mentally unstable

The episode starts withPragati coming back home. Aditi notices the injury on her head and asks her about it. She is about to inform Raghbir but Kunti stops her saying that it is just a small injury but Aditi insists that her husband should know. Sahas comes and shows concern for Pragati’s injury. Aditi doesn’t want him to treat Pragati and the latter says that she is fine too but Kunti insists that Sahas, being a doctor, should visit her. Aditi and Pragati leaves.

Sahas tells Kunti that she should have not hurt Pragati but she replies that a little pain was necessary. Sahas leaves and Kunti thinks that she will separate Pragati and Raghbir at any cost.

Sahas puts bandage on Pragati’s injury and asks her how she got it. She blames Kunti and says that she won’t let Raghbir happen anything because of her. Sahas gets frustrated hearing Raghbir’s name from Pragati continuously and asks her to think about something else other than Raghbir too. He then corrects himself asking Pragati to think about herself too. He leaves after giving pain killer to Pragati. The latter wonders what happened to him that he changed so much. She is about to call Raghbir but then drops the idea thinking that he cannot make him more tensed. She takes pain killer and then sleeps. Aditi comes and puts turmeric milk on her nightstand. She thinks that she will have it after waking up. She gets Raghbir’s call and attends it going out of the room. Sahas looks at Pragati from outside smirking.

Later Raghbir comes in Pragati’s room. She wakes up and he asks her why she didn’t inform him about the injury. Pragati looks down and Raghbir asks her if she is hiding something but Pragati lies that it was just a stone that hurt him accidentally. She asks him to go to his room and take rest. He leaves. Pragati apologizes for lying to him. Just then someone knocks at the door again and she thinks that it is Raghbir but it is Kunti who enters in the room and shuts the door threatening her not to fly high and leave from Raghbir’s life. Pragati refuses. Kunti holds her by her neck and strangles her but Pragati manages to free herself.

However, Kunti hits her own head against the wall and shouts. She goes downstairs and pretends in front of Raghbir and the family that it is Pragati who hurt her and wanted to kill her. Pragati says that she has not done anything. Aditi takes her side too. Raghbir asks Pragati what happened. Kunti thinks that Raghbir should slap her and not question her so she asks him if he doesn’t trust her anymore. Raghbir says that he trusts them both and asks Pragati to tell what happened. Pragati says that she will show them all what happened. Kunti gets shocked hearing that.

Pragati brings down the laptop and says that now CCTV footage will show what happened. Everybody sees the footage. Aditi says that now they know that Kunti hates Pragati so much that she can kill her. Devraj is not able to believe at all this too. Just then Pragati asks them not to misunderstand Kunti who is just mentally unstable and needs treatment. She asks Raghbir to take Kunti to the mental asylum where she was admitted before since there will be her old records there and she can stay in the asylum if needed. Raghbir and Devraj agree. Kunti tries convincing the family that she is not mental and doesn’t need to go to asylum. She goes upstairs.

Pragati says that Kunti might try hurting herself again so she asks Sahas to give her an injection to make her sleep.

Episode ends

Precap: Doctor says that they have to keep Kunti in asylum for few days. Harshit tells Sahas that it’s not the doctor with whom Kunti had talked before. Sahas says that Pragati and Raghbir called someone else. Pragati hugs Kunti who whispers in her ear that once she comes out she will not spare her. Pragati says that she will not let her come out.