Bepanah Pyaar 31st October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir gets haunted by Pragati’s memories

Ragbir is about to remove the cloth when Pragati comes there. She says that why’s he crying as he should be happy. She repeats his words and taunts him. She mocks him that he had a chance of killing his wife twice while Ragbir feels extremely guilty. She cries and says that she wanted to live a life but now it’s no more. She says that there’s only one Pragati and one Bani now both are dead. She asks him to celebrate as now she won’t return back to his life anymore. She disappears and Ragbir feels terrible.

Kunti says Harshit about Pragati’s death. She expresses her happiness and says that one by one all the hindrance from their path is disappearing. She says that now she’ll control Ragbir like before. He asks why didn’t she inform others about her knowing about Pragati’s death. She mocks saying that she was saving energy for crying to console Ragbir.

Priya waits for Ragbir when Ragbir comes in a distraught state. She asks did he leave to see Bhabhi and asks where she is. Ragbir says that he killed Pragati. Priya panics and asks what happened. She calls everyone and everyone asks what happened. Ragbir says that he keeps slapping him and says that he has killed Pragati. He recalls identifying the dead body as not Pragati and everyone gets relieved. They ask then why’s he keep saying that he killed her. He says that his words have so much hate that Pragati will definitely try something bad and says that he should not say all those words and cries. Devraj asks if he’s so worried then why did he throw her out. He asks him to either love or hate Pragati and not do both.

Kunti is furious upon learning that Pragati is not dead. Harshit asks what’s the problem as they’ve already thrown her away. Kunti throws water on his face and says that Ragbir’s hate for Pragati can vanish in seconds when she returns back and asks him yo think wise. She decides to hatch another plan to remove Pragati permanently from their life.

Ragbir cries recalling all those words he said to Pragati and gets restless. Lights Go off and light the candle. He calls for Pragati on the house saying that he knows she’s here. He hears Pragati’s voice and asks her to come in front of him. He hears the doorbell sound and opens it to find none. He finds a letter on the ground and gets shocked seeing it to be a death notice of Pragati. Ragbir cries shouting Pragati. Everyone comes out and reads the death ceremony invitation card of Pragati. They all gets shocked seeing it.

Everyone in the family recalls their good moments with Pragati and cries. Kunti keeps calling Ragbir but he remains unnoticed. She acts concerned with Ragbir and says that Pragati is dead. Ragbir remains a statue and just walks away.

Precap: Ragbir r throws away burning logs on Pragati’s body when Pragati holds ris hand. Everyone gets shocked seeing her alive.