Bepanah Pyaar 3rd October 2019 Written Update: Raghbir shares his memories with Bani to Pragati

The episode starts with Ragbir remembering Bani seeing Pragati. Pragati finds him lost and asks what happened. He says that Bani behaves the same way. He says that it’s wrong to marry him for sacrifice. He says that even she would have dreamt of many things. He says that she has done so much for him but he couldn’t do anything for her. He says that he gave her life and adds that he wants to live with her and Bani. He says that he wants her to know about Bani. He says that he wants to share all his moments with Bani. He asks did she want to meet his Bani. He brings a box and says that his is his Bani. He says that life with Bani was beautiful. He shows her various things to her and explains the back story of it. He shows him a balloon and says that he used to decorate Bani’s all birthdays by himself. Pragati remembers the same. He shows nail polish and says that she keeps forgetting it. He even has her first gifted chocolate wrapper along with the tissue paper. Pragati gets emotional.

Raghav gets lost in Shefali. He says that she looks good in khadi. Shefali says that she has even stopped consuming non veg. Raghav gets happy. He says that he doesn’t even sleep on bed as the bed is made of wood from trees. He says that he believes in tree planting and not cutting. Shefali says that she’ll follow it too. Raghav offers for her to lead the rally with him.

Ragbir shows her a sindoor box which Bani uses in his name. He then shows her bindi. He shows a diary where she writes all his mistakes. He shows her a flower and then her bangles and says that it still smells her. He shows her a pencil, movie tickets for which Bani was late. He says that he tore off the tickets in fury. He shows her the first lamp Bani lighted on Diwali after reaching home with him. He asks her bow could he forget her when all these small things still matter to him. Nakul is teaching Priya how to fly kites. She asks what if this one too cuts like the first one. Nakul says that if one failed doesn’t mean the next one will also fail. He sits on his knees to propose her but immediately hides the ring before she could see him. He diverts her attention and takes her away.

Ragbir recalls the moment Bani died. He asks Pragati if she could give a chance to him. He says that it doesn’t mean he’ll throw Bani away completely. He says that she’ll always be in his heart and asks her to accept him with that. He says that from today their story starts. Pragati cries and hugs him. They both cries their heart out. He touches her cheek and she once again hugs him tight. Pragati wonders how she will say that she’s Bani

Precap : Pragati says that he’s nit aware that his Bani is not anywhere but with him. Ragbir sends her a saree as gift and she decides to confess that she’s Bani to him.