Bepanah Pyaar 4th February 2020 Written Update: Kunti gets admitted in asylum

The episode starts with Kunti blabbering that she’s not mad in sleep. Ragbir says that he needs to take her to asylum soon. Harshit is angry at Pragati. Pragati is applying ointment on her wounds and Ragbir comes there. He asks if it’s paining. He says sorry for not trusting her and thanks her for informing about Badi Maa’s condition. She says the wound js small. Ragbir applies ice pack on her wounds and kisses all her wounds. They both gets romantic. Their romance gets disturbed by a knock. He wonders who’s it at this time.

Sahas calls from outside and Ragbir gets irritated. He’s about to open the door but Pragati reminds that everyone will get to know about their affair. She forces him into hiding behind the door and opens the door. Sahas asks if she hasn’t slept yet and Pragati says that she’s about to. He came to treat her wounds and Ragbir gets angry. He throws something in anger and Pragati manages the situation. She says that she’s feeling sleepy in order to stop Ragbir. She sends him out and gets relieved.


Ragbir throws away the ice pack brought by Sahas. Pragati mocks him for being jealous. Pragati sas that she knows he’s worried for Badi Maa. Ragbir shares his memory with Badi Maa. Pragati hugs him and thinks of Kunti’s real face.

Harshit asks Kunti to wake up from her drama but Sahas says that she’s not acting but he has really given sleeping dose for her to escape Pragati. Harshit gets irked at the fact that Pragati outsmarted them. Pragati says that she wants to talk about Priya.

Priya is sleeping in her room when her ex Akshat comes there. She begs him to leave as her marriage is fixed and she already regrets meeting him without anyone’s knowledge. He asks her if Dev loves her more than him and Priya requests him to leave. They hear a knock and she sends him out.

Ragbir and Pragati comes there and says that they’ve seen her with Akshat. Ragbir asks her to not try to conceal and lashes out at her for trusting a cheater. Pragati sends him out and makes Priya understand that Dev is a nice guy and asks her to think about it.

Next day Kunti wakes up in asylum and panics seeing her condition. She wants to ho home but Pragati plays her card and makes her stay using the family and Ragbir. She hugs Badi maa showing fake concern when Badi Maa says that she’ll punish her once she’s out from the place.

Pragati says she can never come out of asylum. Kunti gets admitted and Harshit and Sahas understands Kunti’s hint. They plan to take her out of the asylum. Devraj in car worries for Kunti. Pragati recalls asking doctor to lie about Kunti’s condition to family. Harshit and Pragati plots their own plans.