Bepanah Pyaar 4th November 2019 Written Update: Sahas gives advice to Pragati to get back Ragbir

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir comes to his room and sees his and Pragati’s pictures. He recalls Pragati’s words and breaks the frames. Other side, Kunti gets angry on Pragati for asking her share in the office and house. Harshit ask Kunti not to get angry as Raghbir will not give a single penny to Pragati. Raghbir puts Pragati’s pictures on fire and Kunti gets happy seeing him from far.

Raghbir about to drink and Kunti stop him. Kunti manipulates Raghbir against Pragati. She says Pragati has already ruined him and now she is after his property and house.

Kunti further highlights not to forget about the guy with whom Pragati left. She says one who gives shoulder to cry is much more than a friend. Kunti says she fears what if Pragati returns back to the back. Raghbir says she will not come and if she will come than it will be her biggest mistake.

Pragati recalls Raghbir’s word and cries. Sahas comes to Pragati and tries to console her. He further asks Pragati to forget Raghbir and his family. Pragati says it’s her family too and they all are just upset with her but she will make them understand and it is important for her to enter the house again. Here, Dev gets shocked learning that Pragati is Bani. He asks Priya to listen to Pragati’s side story once maybe she might be having some big reason behind hiding the truth. Priya argues with Dev and he leaves the place.

Pragati prays in front of the almighty to give her the strength to fight back Kunti. Here, Raghbir recalls Pragati’s word and stops the car seeing Pragati walking on the road. He goes to her and says he knows she wants to enter his house doing all this drama. Pragati says to Raghbir that the property equally belongs to her and he can’t stop her from entering the house.

Raghbir says to Pragati he won’t let her enter the house and  hurt his family. Pragati says she don’t fear anyone and is ready to fight.

At the bar a man taunts Raghbir that he is poor at gambling, as once he lost 50 lakhs and never came back to play. Raghbir overhears the talk. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir fights with the man at the club. Pragati stops him. Further, Kunti ask Raghbir to promise her that he will forget Pragati. Raghbir agrees to Kunti.