Bepanah Pyaar 4th October 2019 Written Update: Raghbir let go off Bani and Pragati gets attacked

The episode starts with Ragbir seeing the ring. He talks to the ring and says that he doesn’t know when Pragati came into his life but she changed his life. He says that as he’s going to start a new life with Pragati and is letting her go. He drops it in water. Pragati speaks with Raghbir’s photo and says that he loves Bani a lot but he doesn’t know that Bani is always with him. He drops her bangles in water and says that he wants to start a new life with Pragati. He drops the rose and says that he can’t trouble his family and Pragati anymore and so it is necessary for her to go away from him. He says that his heart should only belong to Pragati and he can’t be hers anymore. He drops the anklet. He’s about to drop the next item and Bani comes there. She says that nothing is more important to her than his happiness. She says that she’s leaving far for his happiness. Bani starts leaving and disappears. Ragbir thanks Bani.

Pragati gets a message from Ragbir about a date. He sends her the address and asks her to come for their first official date. Pragati gets happy. Pragati says that she’ll inform all the truth to him. She says that she’ll inform you that she’s Bani today. Ragbir’s brother and sisters come to her room and Pragati says about the date. They all get excited and fight to do her makeup and dressing. Badi maa comes there and informs that Pragati will go as herself. She gets a parcel and everyone gets happy that it’s sent by Ragbir while Pragati gets worried.

Pragati gets ready in the saree sent by Ragbir and everyone gets mesmerized seeing her. They all praise her for her beauty. Badi maa keeps Kaala teeka on her. Pragati leaves and everyone wishes for them robe happy forever. Dev is worried about proposing Priya and starts hitting himself on steering. Priya finds it weird but he manages to convince her. They both leave.

Priya asks Dev about his weird call. He stops the cat and takes her outside. Dev says that after a long fight he got courage and not to speak in between. He says that he’s happy with her and wants it to continue forever. He proposes her on his knees and Priya cries. Dev gets worried and asks her not to cry. He says that he won’t trouble her if she doesn’t like him. But ro his surprise, she accepts his proposal. He slides the ring on her finger and they hug.

Pragati decides to say the truth somehow to Ragbir. Her car stops and sees a flattened tyre. Someone chases her on the bike. Raghbir all ready with the arrangements. Pragati falls down.

Precap: Ragbir gets on his knees in their date and kisses her hand. He sees Pragati wounded and asks what happened.