Bepanah Pyaar 5th February 2020 Written Update: Kunti outsmarts Pragati

The episode starts with Kunti trying to attack the doctor. The doctor says that they both know that she’s not ill and asks her to not prove herself ill. Kunti tries buying the doctor and the doctor understands that Pragati is right. He asks her to stop trying to trap him with money and be quite and leaves. Kunti fumes on phone with Harshit about being in the hospital. She asks him to take her out of the asylum. Harshit promises to find a way.

Ragbir is worried about Kunti and Pragati comes there. She asks him to have something. Pragati consoles him and says that Kunti will get recovered soon. Pragati says him that the whole family is with him but Ragbir wants Kunti with them. Kunti thinks that both Sahas and Harshit are useless. She decides to do something herself. She finds a file and gets a way.

Pragati thinks that she gave everything to him all the while only to steal it from him one day. Pragati asks him to not be so dependant on someone. Ragbir says that she’s not someone but his mother. Pragati thinks that just for this small issue he’s worried so much. She wonders what will be his reaction once he gets to know her truth. She suggests a drive and they both leave.

The doctor gives vitamin injection to Kunti and Kunti finds it difficult to breathe. Doctor panics and gives her oxygen. He informs his family and Ragbir rushes there. The doctor says that he can’t understand what’s wrong and Ragbir gets angry. He calls his family doctor and the doctor says that they gave allergic injection to Kunti.

Ragbir gets angry and starts strangling him. Pragati and Harshit calms him down. Ragbir decides to take away Kunti from there. Kunti recalls exchanging the medicine. She thinks that Pragati is nothing in front of her. Pragati helps the doctor and he promises that he’s not at fault.

Kunti plays her emotional drama once again with Ragbir and sends him way. She taunts Pragati for her failed plan. She says that she took only 24 hours to come back and she’s nothing in front of her. Pragati is taking soup to Ragbir when she sees Sahas coughing. She keeps the soup on table and goes to help him. He signals Kunti who mixes a tablet in the soup. Pragati takes it and leaves while Kunti and Sahas smirks.

Pragati brings soup to calm Ragbir. She asks what happened. She says that now Kunti is home and why’s he worried. He says that what if something wrong would’ve happened. Pragati consoles him and supports doctor indirectly. Ragbir gets convinced. She feeds the spiked soup to Ragbir.