Bepanah Pyaar 5th July 2019 Written Update: Pragati join hands with Prashant to solve Bani’s murder mystery!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati saying to Raghbir that she wants to tell him about Bani. Raghbir asks what. Wind blows and Pragtai’s voice don’t reach to Raghbir. Pragtai keeps saying someone killed Bani Ragbhir takes her from there.

Dev’s mother asks Malhotra’s to confess the truth. Harshit gets angry and says what truth she wants to know. Dev’s father asks dowry from them. Priya gets angry and goes away from there. Dev’s father asks them to confess the truth that puja never happened at their house after the death of their daughter-in law. He blackmails them. Aditi gets tensed.

Raghbir brings Pragati to his room. Pragati asks him to listen to her once. Raghbir says heavy wind was blowing a few mins ago but now it’s calm. He says nature too is playing with him like the people around him. Pragati looks at him.  The duo talks to each other. Raghbir misses Bani. She gets a call from someone. Prashant asks few questions to Pragati and asks her to reply to him indirectly. He asks Pragati not to tell anything to anyone. Prashant asks her to come and meet her.

Pragati lies to Raghbir and goes away. He continues drinking.

Pragati comes to meet Prashant.

Aditi asks Devraj to sign on the property paper. Harshit and others oppose her but Aditi convince Devraj to sign on the paper. The pen stops. Gopi searches for the pen. Devraj signs the paper and gloves from Gopi’s cupboard falls. Shalu hides the gloves. She picks it up and thinks of something.

Pragati says why she should trust him. Prashant tells her the reason why he wanted to get close to her. The duo talks to each other. Pragati tells him the puja incident.

Prashant tells Pragati that puja never happen at Malhotra’s house after Bani’s death. He tells her that on the day of bani’s death she had a big fight with someone from the house. Pragati gets stun hearing him.

Pragati says to Prashant that someone from the family killed Bani. He gets shocked.

Dev says to his father why he is asking for dowry. He asks him not to interfere in his matter. Dev goes to Priya and apologizes for his family behavior. He asks Priya if she wants to marry him or not. Priya says he is very late to ask this question and leaves the place.

Prashant asks Pragati to find the culprit. He says he will help her out. Pragati gets ready to help him. Prashant says not to tell the truth to anyone not even to Raghbir.

Pragati asks how she will find the culprit. Prashant tells someone accompanied Bani and Raghbir on their trip. Prashant give hints to Pragati. He says three years back the one who was not present in the puja is a culprit. Pragati gets shocked.

Pragati sees the mask man and tells to Prashant. Prashant asks to take care of herself, as the house is not safe for her too.

Priya’s pre wedding function starts. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Pragati searches for Bani’s culprit. She finds some clue from the dark room and gets shocked.