Bepanah Pyaar 5th November 2019 Written Update: Raghbir pledges to avenge Pragati

Bepanah Pyaar

Today’s episode starts with man provoking Raghbir for gambling. Raghbir hears him and goes to play. He wins two rounds and about to leave but man out there again provokes him and he sits back to play. Boy out there tricked Raghbir and wins the game.

There, Malhotra’s welcome, Devraj geta call from his manager who informs him that someone from club debited huge amount. Ahead, few goons enter and take away the cars that Malhotra’s have newly purchased and informs them that Raghbir lost them all in the gambling. Kunti ask Harshit to stop Raghbir.

Later, Raghbir fights with the man’s out there who said foul words about Pragati. . Pragati ask Raghbir not to fight. A man stabs Raghbir. Pragati ask if he is hurt, Raghbir reply no pain can hurt him more than the pain she has given him. Pragati stands teary.

Devraj informs Raghbir that goons took away all the cars that he has lost in gambling. Aditi taunts Raghbir and accuses Pragati. Kunti ask Harshit if he has called the cab. Raghbir ask Kunti where she is going and pleads her not to go.  Kunti ask Raghbir to promise her that he will let go off Pragati from his mind and heart. Raghbir says to Kunti that he promise her and he will never let her down.

Kunti gets happy and hugs Raghbir. She smiles wickedly. Shalu says to Raghbir that he is will restart his life from today. Kunti says he will and hugs him back. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati shows legal papers and shocks Malhotra that the house belongs to Bani that means none can throw her out from the house.