Bepanah Pyaar 6th August 2019 Written Update: Pragati and Shalu reach the hospital to take the DNA report!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati goes to meet Kunti. She asks Kunti why she is awake.

Kunti ask to Pragati that why she is not sleeping too. Pragati recalls the moment. She gives medicine to Kunti. Kunti says she wants to talks with her.

Kunti says to Pragati that she is watching her and feels Malhotra’s don’t like her. She ask Pragati to ignore them. Pragati says she too wants to tell her something. Kunti gets excited and says is there any good news. Pragati says no.

Kunti tells to Pragati that the housemates are planning something against her. Pragati ask Kunti to sleep.

Nakul sings song and Malhotr’as enjoy his song. Raghbir comes and ask him to stop singing. Shefali says her recording was going on. Raghbir yells and says it is irritating.

Kunti says what happened to him. Harshit says don’t know.

Pragati thinks and says it is last night hangover. Nakul ask Raghbir to hear his song once and allow him to sing at the annuals. Harshit tries to support Nakul.

Raghbir ask Nakul not to sing, as his voice is irritating. He further yells at the house helper for serving boiled egg to him.

Kunti ask Pragati did Raghbri fight with her. Pragati says no. Kunti cheers up Nakul. Harshit worries and says what happened to him today.

Raghbir locks himself in his room and drinks. Kunti and everyone ask Raghbir to home the door and try to cheer him up. Raghbir ask them to leave.

Alcohol bottle falls down and everyone worries for her. Kunti suggests them a plan.

They all comes to the window and peeks into Raghbir’s room. Kunti and everyone ask Raghbir not to drink. Raghbir gets irritated and closes the window.

Raghbir drinks alcohol again and self-talks with himself. Kunti and everyone get upset. She asks Pragati to help them out, as Raghbir is her husband.

Pragati, Nakul, Shefali, Kunti and Harshit apply different tricks to cheer up Raghbir. Raghbir gets adamant and says he will not open the door. They all bang Ragbhir’s door.

Kunti feels dizzy. Harshit and everyone think Kunti is acting. Kunti falls down. Pragati yells at Raghbir and ask him to open the door.

Raghbir comes and gets stunned. He takes her to the room. Aditi thinks of the changed medicine. Kunti apologizes everyone and says because of her they all are tensed. Raghbir ask her to take care of herself.

Shalu gets a call and she goes. Aditi too follows her. Kunti tells to Pragati that Shalu is upto something go and check.

Aditi and Shalu discuss about the report. Pragati overhears their talk. And gets worried thinking her true identity can’t be revealed.

Pragati says she will follow Shalu and will go out. Raghbir hears her and says she can’t go out because Kunti is not well.

Pragati says it’s urgent. Raghbir explains her why she can’t ignore Kunti and go out.

Shalu goes out and Pragati looks at her. Pragati says she’ll be back soon. Kunti comes and ask Raghbir to let her go, as she wants to talk with him.

Raghbir brings Kunti to her room and ask her to take rest. Kunti ask Raghbir to give her grandchild. Raghbir ignores her talk. He says she is lacking entertainment and needs to listen to music. The duo talks with each other.

Kunti tells to Raghbir that the new medicines are not suiting her. Raghbir takes the medicine and says he will meet the doctor. Raghbir, Pragati and Shalu all the three reach the same hospital. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir sees Pragati at the hospital and ask what she is doing here. Pragati gets scared.