Bepanah Pyaar 6th January 2020 Written Update: Harshit kidnaps Pragati

The episode starts with Pragati running after Ragbir. She says that she didn’t know. Ragbir turned deaf ears and locks himself up in his room. Pragati cries over her ill fate. Harshit watches her from far. He comes bear her but hides seeing Ragbir. He asks what’s he doing here. Pragati asks why do he even care. Ragbir asks shouldn’t he care. Pragati says its just a misunderstanding. Ragbir says that what else he could do when he’s doing everything that has to be done by him. Pragati says that he’s her friend and Ragbir asks what type of friend that he’s gifting such an expensive jewellery to someone else’s wife. Pragati asks him to not speak bad about him as he’s her friend and she knows him from college time. Ragbir says that he knows him from childhood. He says that he’s not the one he presents himself. Pragati gets upset and leaves angrily. Ragbir too leaves fuming. Harshit thinks that today she escaped because of Ragbir but not next time.

Sahas is in car with Pragati. Sahas asks her to give a small smile and she smiles. She says she’ll take a taxi and leaves waving him bye. Pragati comes to office and Harshit follows her. She feels someone’s presence. She thinks Sahas is playing games and calls out for him but none replies. Pragati runs fearing. She sees someone in hoodie and tries taking lift but it took late. She runs and comes outside and sits in a random car as she forgot to book a cab. Pragati gets shocked seeing Harshit. Pragati asks did he tried to kill her. Harshit says that he tried many times but couldn’t. She tries calling Ragbir but he snatches the phone. Pragati says he can’t do this and points gun at her. He hits her with gun and she faints.

Ragbir is fuming in his room recalling Sahas and Pragati moments. He searches for his phone and calms down seeing their pictures. He thinks that he over reacted too much. He goes to apologize her and searches for her. He thinks it won’t take so much time to take a file from office. Her phone is also not reachable. He tries office mobile but none picks it up. Ragbir stops Sahas and asks about Pragati. He says she’ll be coming. He tries her mobile too. He asks the waiter who says the same. Ragbir goes on search of her. Sahas goes to Kunti and asks Where’s Pragati. She says she didn’t know. She says she has already promised him that she will not harm Pragati. He says that it’s better if she comes home safe. He leaves and Kunti wonders if Harshit kidnapped her.

Pragati is tied up in a place and Harshit mocks her for her love with Ragbir. He blames her for his condition. Pragati challenges that Ragbir will save her.

Precap : Sahas demands 300 crore to Ragbir to release Pragati