Bepanah Pyaar 6th November 2019 Written Update: Pragati claim rights on Raghbir’s house

Today’s episode starts with Nakul and Shefali asking Priya why she got angry on Dev. Nakul ask Priya to patch up with Dev. Priya says she fears what if Dev will ditch her and same like Pragati. Nakul says to priya not to compare Dev with Pragati, as Dev is far better than Pragati. There, Pragati prays in front of God and ask for the blessing so that she can protect Raghbir from Kunti. Kunti tells to Harshit that she wants to send Raghbir far from their life forever.

Ahead, Hashit about to steal money from office and gets shocked seeing Raghbir at the office. Raghbir ask Harshit what he is doing here. Harshit lies to Raghbir and says he is here for some important work. Raghbir tells to Harshit that he will over- take the office from now. Harshit gets angry. Other side, Sahas decorates his house for the diwali. He further, ask Pragati not to go back to Raghbir but Pragati tells him that it’s important for her to leave.

Malhotra’s celebrates Diwali. Pragati reaches the Malhotra house. She and Raghbir together enter the house. Raghbir gets angry seeing Pragati. Pragati gives the legal documents to Raghbir.

Pragati informs Malhotra’s that she holds the 51 shares in the house and property thus none can throw her out from the house. Aditi and Malhotra’s stands shocked. Later, Raghbir burns the legal paper and Pragati’s luggage too. Pragati stands stunned and pours the water on her luggage bag.

Pragati says she is tired and wants to rest. Raghbir and Pragati do a verbal argument. Raghbir says he will not let her take a penny from his house. Pragati says she is not here to collect a penny but wants a diamond. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Malhotra’s discuss about Pragati’s entry in the house. Raghbir falls on Pragati. Pragati sleeps and someone enters her room.