Bepanah Pyaar 7th February 2020 Written Update: Priya gets arrested with Akshay

The episode starts with Sahas apologizing Pragati for his behaviour. He acts crying in front of her. He plays innocence to make Pragati accept his apology. Pragati gets convinced and says that it’s fine. She leaves saying that she needs to go for office as it’s getting late.

Sahas says that he knew well that she will easily gets convinced. Priya goes to hotel room to meet Akshay and Dev’s friend sees her. Pragati goes to Ragbir’s cabin and Ragbir due to the medicine effect acts all angry in front of her for minor issues. Pragati leaves not wishing to argue with him in the condition.


Akshay offers drink for Priya and Piya pushes the glass. She scolds him lying about his health. He says that it’s them who are destined to ge and asks her to give another chance for him. Priya says that she came here only to say that there’s nothing between them and she doesn’t love him. He denies listening her words and starts forcing himself on her.

Priya struggles when they hear a knock. Police enters in and Priya complains about him forcing on her. Police fails believing her and arrests both of them. Dev’s friend sees it and informs Dev of the same. Dev gets devastated hearing that Priya got arrested with another man.

Pragati is in the canteen and gets jothi’s call. She hesitates to attend it and Ragbir comes there and asks why didn’t she call him for coffee. Pragati says that she came to have break fast with him in the morning but he lashed out at her. Ragbir asks when did she come shocking Pragati. Pragati finds his behaviour weird. Dev releases Priya from custody.

Inspector apologizes for the misunderstanding and asks if he wants to release the guy too. Dev leaves angrily. Priya runs after him and asks him to believe her. She says that shr came as he said that he’s serious and shows him the message. Dev blames himself that there’s something missing in his love. Priya denies and Dev asks from when did she started keeping contact with him. Priya says about spending time with him when he didn’t spare her his time. She asks him to believe but he leaves angrily.

Kunti finds Ragbir suffering once again and coaxes him into having water mixed with the tablet. She puts him to sleep and thinks that she’ll torture him so much that he himself will beg for his death in front of her. Dev drops Priya but didn’t speak a word with her.

Priya keeps crying. Pragati couldn’t sleep recalling all her moments with Sahas. She recalls Jothi’s words too. She wonders which is his true face and decides to find out the truth. She sneaks into his room when he’s sleeping and takes his mobile. She unlocks it carefully taking his fingerprints. She gets shocked seeing his mobile filled with her pictures. She also hears him calling her not to go in his sleep and gets devastated.