Bepanah Pyaar 7th January 2020 Written Update: HARSHIT TO THREATEN RAGBIR WITH PRAGATI

The episode starts with Pragati saying Harshit that she’s sure Ragbir will save her at any cost. Harshit challenges her to see if it will happen. Pragati is once again tied up and asks for water. The goons pretends giving water to her but then throws it on her face and laughs at her.

Pragati thinks that she’s sure Ragbir will save her. Ragbir comes to office only to find it open. He searches for Pragati but couldn’t find her. He sees the smiley printed papers from printer and gets doubtful. Sahas too comes there and Ragbir asks him what’s he doing there. He says the same reason as why’s he here. He asks did he find anything and Ragbir says whatever he found.

Sahas and Ragbir enquire the people outside for Pragati but none knows anything. They gets doubtful. They sees Pragati phone on floor and wonders if she’s kidnapped. Ragbir informs the family about it and they gets shocked. Kunti recalls Harshit’s words and goes inside. Sahas sees it.

Ragbir is about to call commissioner but Harshit calls him with changed voice. He asks is he searching for something important. He asks if he has Pragati and he agrees. He asks what does he want and say how much he wants. He demands 300 crore shocking everyone. He asks how can he believe him that Pragati is with him. He makes Pragati speak who asks him to not bow to his demands. Harshit cuts her hand and she screams. Ragbir panics and Harshit cuts the call.

Harshit once again calls and asks him to come to a certain place at 8p.m. And cuts the call. Harshit shows Pragati a dog whose control is under her chair. If she moves the dog gets released and it’s ready to eat a human being. Pragati gets scared seeing the dog.

Harshit leaves making sure that Pragati won’t try leaving the place. Ragbir gets the money ready and says that he has a plan. Sahas offers to come with him but he denies. Ragbir calls police and traces the call. Sahas thinks that he needs to reach Pragati before Ragbir as he don’t want Ragbir to become the hero. He thinks that today Pragati will get to know that it’s not Ragbir but him who loves her truly. He then sees Kunti getting in a cab and starts following her.

Pragati sees a nail on chair and removes it with difficulty but the dog still posed a threat to her. It kept shouting with her each movement and a goon comes to check on her.

Pragati acts sleeping and he leaves. Kunti thinks that she needs to check if Harshit has kidnapped Pragati as Ragbir could trace his call. She sees someone following her. Kunti goes to Harshit and Sahas watches them hiding. She slaps him for his stupid plan of kidnapping Pragati and goes inside. Pragati sees a bone and gets an idea.