Bepanah Pyaar 7th October 2019 Written Update: Pragati’s father attacked and Ragbir Pragati date

The episode starts with the stranger running away leaving Pragati on road seeing Police van. Ragbir keeps calling Pragati but her phone is in the car. She finally gets her phone but decides to not inform Ragbir and spoil his mood. She straight away leaves the place.

Pragati enters a dark room when flower petals fall on her. Ragbir goes on his knees and asks Pragati’s hand. She gives him and they both start dancing while Ragbir proposes her in between the dance Pragati unable to control anymore opens her mouth to say the truth but Ragbir stops her by keeping a finger on her lips. He keeps continuing his romantic lines while Pragati feels more and more guilty. He says that when he took the decision he decided to prioritize her in all her decision. He keeps her face when the light suddenly goes off. Pragati gets feared and hugs Ragbir. Ragbir asks why’s she fearing so much. Pragati recalls the stranger attacking her. He asks why’s she fearing so much and says that he’ll go and check. Pragati gets tensed and asks him not to leave. Ragbir agrees not to leave and calls the manager. He scolds him for terrible arrangements and he leaves to check. The light comes immediately and Ragbir is about to kiss her hand. He notices the scratches on her hand and gets worried. He enquires about it but Pragati informs him about someone hitting her with the bike on her way. Ragbir scolds her for not informing it to him prior. She says that she doesn’t want to spoil his mood. Ragbir says that all these arrangements are for her and she didn’t do right by hiding it from him. He gets angry with her but Pragati hugs him and calms him. She fears his reaction when her truth comes out in front of him.

Ragbir and Pragati come home. Ragbir is on a call with police and enquires about the biker while Pragati gets tensed. Ragbir informs the family about the incident and they all get worried. Ragbir expresses his anger on her while everyone laughs at hid possessive side. Dev and Priya come home and informs about their proposal. Everyone gets happy but Aditi worries for her husband’s approval. He comes and gives his nod to relieving everyone.

Pragati recalls all the time the stranger tried to attack her and gets worried. Ragbir comes there scolding people for not installing CCTV cameras. He gets romantic with Pragati but Pragati runs away fooling him.

Someone enters Pragati’s house and searches for something while her father is asleep. He wakes up to drink water and hears sound from the Pragati room. Ragbir brings Pragati blindfolded and shows her his date set up. They both get romantic. They decide to play with food guessing about its identity with closed eyes.

Pragati’s father searches for the source of sound but finds none. He gets attacked and he gets hit on his head. He in his semi-conscious state finds someone leaving out of the window.

Precap : Pragati and Ragbis’s romantic dinner date.