Bepanah Pyaar 8th August 2019 Written Update: Raghbir shares his feelings with Pragati!

Today’s episode opens with Pragati trying to escape from window. Raghbir tries to stop her and ends up hurting himself. Pragati scolds Raghbir for hurting himself while trying to save her. She wipes the blood from his hand and does the dressing.

Raghbir tells to Pragati that he only trusted Bani but after she enters his life he feels like living again. Pragati hears him while nursing his wounds. (Maahi Ve song plays in the background) Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati. He tells to Pragati that whenever she is around he feels safe and comfortable. He pours his heart to Pragati.

Nurse opens the door. Pragati runs from there. Raghbir looks for Pragati.

Pragati sees Doctor going into the cabin. Doctor asks Shalu what she is here. Shalu ask Doctor to read the report. Pragati looks from outside and gets tensed.

Doctor about to tell Shalu about the report but he sees smoke in his cabin and ask Shalu to come out. Pragati goes inside the cabin and takes the file.

Shalu worries for the report and rushes to take the report. She search for the report and says Aditi will not leave her today.

Pragati takes the report and rushes to leave from hospital. She again bumps into Raghbir and drops the file. Raghbir ask her Pragati to come back home.

Some unknown person takes away the file. Pragati gets tensed and inquires about the file.

Tina asks Harshit to bring ice-cream for her. Devraj tells Pragati about Raghbir’s childhood. Harshit too joins them and tells Pragati about Raghbir’s childhood love story. Pragati enjoys. Raghbir too reveals Harshit’s secret.

Tina comes and asks about ice-cream. She gets angry on Harshit hearing Raghbir’s word.

Pragati ask Raghbir to come with her to bring ice-cream, as he upset Tina. Devraj sends Raghbir and Pragati to bring ice-cream.

Raghbir and Pragati do argument while searching for ice-cream shop.

Ragbhir and Pragati fight over ice-cream flavor. The shop-keeper says he is having only chocolate ice-cream. Pragati ask him to give that only.

Pragati gets a call from Devraj. She falls down before entering the car. Raghbir comes and ask how she fell. He stands her up. He wipes the dirt from Pragati’s hand. The duo shares an eye-lock. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir and Pragati do the competition of alcohol drinking and act weirdly after drinking.