Bepanah Pyaar 8th January 2020 Written Update: KUNTI TROUBLES PRAGATI

The episode starts with Pragati diverting the dog with bone and escapes the place. She sees goons and hides. She sneaks away when they were busy on phone. Kunti scolds Harshit that Ragbir would’ve found his place by now. Harshit says that Ragbir can’t do anything as Pragati is with him and if anything happens to Pragati then Ragbir will die as Pragati is his life. Sahas comes there and says that Pragati ib not Ragbir’s life but his life. He says he knows the mother son duo is planning something.

Sahas taunts them and says that he made a big mistake by trusting them. Kunti asks him to listen to them once. Sahas shows gun at them and says there’s no time to talk. He shoots them but they escape. He says they made a big mistake by kidnapping Pragati and they’ll get punished for it. He shoots again and they both escapes and hides again. He says he’s calling Ragbir and he doesn’t care even if he gets exposed. Kunti sends Harshit to get Pragati as he’s mad and will do anything. Harshit runs and she sees a stick. She hits him with it and the gun falls down from his hand.

Kunti asks Sahas what’s he doing and is he trying to shoot her. He calls her betrayer and says that they tried double crossing him. Kunti says that she didn’t knew that he was planning this and promises to get Pragati with her. She brainwashed him and sends him out. She takes the gun and smirks at him. Pragati is running and Goons finds that She escaped. They starts searching her.

Ragbir’s tire punctures and he gets frustrated. Harshit comes there and asks what happened. He pretends innocence and asks him why’s he tensed. Ragbir says that Pragati is kidnapped and Harshit offers him a lift. Ragbir hesitates but then agrees. Harshit recalls breaking bottles on road in order to stop Ragbir and smirks at his plan. Pragati while running away gets caught with the dog. The dog is about to bite her but Kunti stops it on time.

Pragati gers disgusted at her while they both throw insults at each other. Pragati threatens Kunti to reveal the truth to Ragbir while Kunti mocks at her as nothing will happen at that as he blindly trusts her. She says till Ragbir gets proof against her he will never doubt her. She says what she did with the nurse in the asylum. She says she can’t do anything to her. She asks if this is true then why can’t she save her son. She asks doesn’t remember how Ragbir threw him out thrashing him. Kunti gets furious at her and shoots her. She pushes her and hurts her. She says that she’ll definitely get the punishment for her son’s insult.

Precap : Ragbir comes to Pragati and finds her with a goon who has kept her under gun point.