Bepanah Pyaar 8th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir and Pragati’s date and Pragati saves her wounded father

The episode starts with Ragbir and Pragati playing identification of food with closed eyes and Pragati guesses all right. Ragbir fakes anger for her finding everything right. Pragati smiles and thanks to him for doing all this. She says that none ever did so much for her. He says that he owns the distributor rights for her. Pragati asks what if someone tries getting her distributor rights. He says that he’ll torture them and says all the silly ideas and Pragati laughs at it. Pragati’s father tries getting up but is in pain. He tries calling Pragati but his phone is not available. He leaps searches his phone. Pragati sees moon and Ragbir asks what’s the most beautiful thing present here. Pragati points various things but Ragbir says that it’s her who’s the most beautiful here. They both get romantic and enjoy themselves with each other. They get entangled with lights and Ragbir falls on Pragati. Ragbir is about to confess his love for Pragati when her father calls her. She lifts the call but he faints before saying anything. Pragati gets worried and leaves with Ragbir.

They reach Pragati’s house and knocks the door but no answers. Pragati sees her father wounded from the window. Ragbir breaks open the door and they enter inside. Pragati gets hyper but Ragbir calms her and lifts him to take him to hospital. He keeps him in the car and starts driving to the hospital. Pragati gets worried as there’s so much blood loss but Ragbir assures that he’ll not let anything happen to her father. They admit him to hospital and Pragati cries. Ragbir consoles her. He wipes the blood off her hand. The nurse informs them to arrange b+ blood as soon as possible. Ragbir leaves to arrange blood. Pragati recalls her moments with her father and cries. Ragbir gets the blood and gives it to the nurse. Pragati’s father gets operated while she stands outside worried with Ragbir.

The doctor comes out and says that he’s out of danger and asks her not to worry. He says that if it’s been a bit late then it would have been difficult to save him. She thanks the doctor.

Pragati comes inside and asks if he’s fine. Ragbir asks him not to worry as everything will be fine. Ragbir asks how did it happen. He just says half-truth. Ragbir makes fun of Pragati. Ragbir gets Badi maa’s call and leaves to attend it. Pragati scolds her father for being careless.

Badi maa informs the family of the same. Aditi still taunts Pragati and leaves. Badi maa worries for Pragati. Pragati’s father says that he lied about what happened. He explains what happened. He says that whoever has come has come to reveal her identity. He asks her to hurry up and inform the truth to everyone.

Precap: Ragbir brings Pragati’s father home and takes care of him. Pragati looks at him loving and promises to get back his Bani.